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Akuffo Addo is a danger to Ghana - Ras Mubarak

Akuffo Addo is a danger to Ghana - Ras Mubarak
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I listened with revulsion comments made by the leader of the opposition NPP. It was most unfortunate to hear the leader of the largest opposition party invoke tribal feelings in a recent meeting with a section of his party members.

Akuffo Addo's comments are a confirmation of long held views by well-meaning Ghanaians that he is the wrong man on policies, the wrong man on morality, the wrong man on political correctness, the wrong man for Ghana and he is a puerile politician who exudes a sense of entitlement and political aristocracy.

Nana Addo says to his party people that, their opponents think 'Akans are weaker and could be intimidated.'' He confirms that indeed, he sees his party as an Akan party and therefore Akans against the rest of the nation.

Fellow Ghanaians, this is a repugnant and an highly inflammable comment from a man who wants to be leaders of all Ghanaians. It is clear, from his own comments, that he uses people from Non-Akan tribes for political expediency. He is too calculating and

that is why he would not even buck his party for their wrong headed stance on issues of national relevance. His comments are indicative of a politician who is desperate to win power by any means.

I implore all the moderates in the opposition NPP and every other well meaning Ghanaian to condemn this in no uncertain terms and call on him to make an unqualified apology to Akans, who are peace-loving, nation-loving and an all embracing ethnic group in the country.

Behind Akuffo Addo's broad smile is a belligerent nature that he can't hide. He is willing to say anything if it means getting him elected.He is power crazed and a danger to our country. Instead of helping to harness the creativity and talent of Ghanaians, he is igniting ethnic sentiments, and goading his party people to do anything, including death, so that he can fulfill his childhood

dream of becoming President.
The country requires peace in order to prosper and progress. Under the NPP's flag bearer, you can be assured he would break down the peace we enjoy. Many Ghanaians would die if there is conflict and Akuffo Addo will stop at nothing to ignite conflict. It is in his DNA and he has demonstrated this point time and again.

You, the people of Ghana have the power to stop this. And I appeal to you, for the sake of the young, adults and older people of our country; for the sake of the men and women, and for the love of God and country, to use your vote in a future election, to stop this desperate man from sending men and women to die for his selfish cause, which has nothing to do with national interest but to

fulfill the ego of a maniac.
If Nana Addo tells you it is raining, you would have to go outside and check for yourself. He will do anything to be President.The NPP's job is to punch holes in what we do and we respect that, but they must not disregard sensibility and

sensitivity. They are entitled to their own propaganda, but they are not entitled to the facts.

They have a history of being rabid. They are irrational today as they were under

President Rawlings and Dr. Nkrumah. But we have a duty to act like genuine

democrats. The NDC would continue to enforce our commitment to strengthening our

democracy, ensuring prosperity for all Ghanaians and responsibility from all.

The task of fixing a broken nation is tough and requires tough choices and

sacrifice.They opposition have demonstrated they are not interested in helping

to build this country. They are only interested in making us look bad so that

they can look good. Tomorrow can be better than today, but we all have a

responsibility to make it so.
Thank you:
Ras Mubarak
(publicist - NDC Europe)

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