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07.11.2002 Tabloid News

Top DJ Turns Evangelist

By D.G
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AFTER SPENDING 15 years in the music scene as a disc jockey, DJ Prince Lord-Gay, a.k.a. Humble Cee, has finally thrown in the towel. DJ Humble has been a DJ for some top spinning groups in the country, including Willie Chii and Mobisco sounds.

During his 15 years as disc jockey, Humble Cee worked with hard-core DJs like Young Joe of Sky Hawks, Harry Lord of Mobisco sounds, Precious Jingles of MEC Sounds, Nabosco of AFC sounds, now with X-105,and a host of others. I was shocked when I spotted DJ Humble Cee at a party at Abelenkpe preaching the gospel. I went closer to have a full glare of this one-time disc jockey whose performances made a lot of impact on the music scene. I greeted him and noted, “your face looks familiar”. He also replied by saying that mine also looks familiar.

Later, I asked him how come he is now holding the microphone meant for a preacher? DJ Humble Cee who was happy to see me declared, “my brother, it is a long story”.

He disclosed that three years before, he met a gentleman who was on his way to church and asked this affable gentleman to spare him his neck-tie, which he did.

He continued that later, the gentleman was directed to his house and the man then invited him to his church. DJ Humble explained that at the church auditorium, he was touched by the power of God. “I mean I was arrested by God”.

He continued that later, he detected that he was losing in business and tried all possible means to keep his business afloat, but the problem became worse. Humble Cee further revealed that there came a prophecy which urged him to preach the gospel to win souls.

DJ Humble Cee who is also a politician and one-time campaign assistant for the Central Ayawaso constituency in the 2000 elections, observed that his entire life changed for the better when he became a-born-again christian and started fellowship at Love and Faith Evangelical Ministry (LAFEM).

He, however, confessed that he did not realise that his role as a disc jockey was doing society more harm than good as compared to what he is doing now .

In fact, I stood for sometime looking at the face of Humble Cee, because he is really a changed person. He is now Christ-Like, and God is using him to save people from the grips of the enemy.

Humble Cee's statement really touched my heart, and I hope the house of God will soon be filled with a bevy of christian disc jockeys, and not satanic disc jockeys.

DJ Humble Cee in a statement of caution, advised the youth to desist from any acts that will destroy their future and also avoid the deadly disease called AIDS, adding that it is a death sentence passed on all credit by George Clifford Owusu.

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