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Culture Of Impunity And Vandalism Of The NDC Youth, and Setting The Records Straight On The 1.6 Million Pseudo Jobs

Culture Of Impunity And Vandalism Of The NDC Youth, and Setting The Records Straight On The 1.6 Million Pseudo Jobs
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We members of the Patriotic Youth Front, wish to express our anger and dismay at the increasing act of vandalism and impunity, of the irate NDC youth across the country, and also the 1.6 million pseudo jobs been championed by the deputy Minister of Information, Hon Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa.

It is widely known that unemployed youth of the ruling NDC party since last year, have taken the law into their own hands by issuing threats to public officials, closing down public offices, lorry stations, and places of convenience and also pursuing acts of terrorism, in demand for jobs.

On the 25th March 2010, the unemployed NDC youth locked out their national officers, to call for the dismissal of   Carl Wilson , the then Chairman of Confiscated Vehicle Allocation Committee.

Just some few hours after that hooliganism, the President issued a statement to dismiss   Mr. Carl Wilson   who was appointed by the   Deputy Chief of Staff ,   Alex   Segbefia.

On that same day, the National Organizer of NDC, Mr. Yaw   Boateng   Gyan   granted an interview with Asempa Fm. In the said interview, he disclosed that, before the dismissal of Carl Wilson, he had intentions of leading some unemployed youth of the party to throw Mr. Carl Wilson out of his office. We strongly condemn these unlawful acts. Clearly, it solidifies the long held perception that NDC is a violent party.

Similarly, on the 27th March 2010 unemployed NDC youth in Yendi, smashed the windscreen of the constituency chairman, in protest against his decision to attend a meeting organized by the Municipal   Chief Executive   of Yendi.

During that encounter, the youth declared the Municipal Chief Executive of Yendi, persona non grata. They threatened to murder him, if his appointment was not terminated, with their reason been that he has failed to create jobs for them.

Also, on the 2nd of April, the irate youth nearly lynched 7 journalists at Karaga, who were invited by the DCE to cover a programme at the district.

We find all these very unfortunate and in clear breach of the promise given to Ghanaians by the NDC government led by President Mills to uphold the rule of law, since, in all these cases of lawlessness, no single person has been arrested and prosecuted. This has emboldened other unemployed NDC youth, to be attacking public offices in demand for jobs.

It is extremely strange, all these are happening at a time when the Deputy Minister of Information   told Ghanaians, the NDC government has created 1.6 million jobs, since coming into office.

We wish to state unequivocally, that this claim by the minister is not only misleading but an indictment on the integrity of President Mills, who is been hailed by some Ghanaians as a man of honesty and God fearing.

If indeed these jobs exist, the NDC youth should have been the first to benefit. The litany of violent attacks and hooliganism being metered out in the name of unemployment are indications that government's 1.6 million job creation is non-existent.

It is our hope that government would immediately arrest and prosecute any member of NDC who acts contrary to the law. We therefore urge government to create more jobs and opportunities to all Ghanaians, and not only the NDC youth, so as to restore hope and prosperity to the life of all Ghanaians.

Chief Obosu Mohammed
Director of Communications   (PYF)

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