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01.02.2010 Feature Article


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On the 28th day of January 2010, Ghanaians in general but NPP sympathisers in particular woke up to the news of a confirmed assault on NPP supporters at the Greater Accra regional office of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) by thugs of Nana Addo who later turned out to be members of his private security details.

Some of those who were attacked ended up on admission at the hospital. They had some treatment and have since been discharged. Nana Addo, whose bodyguards did these barbaric assaults condemned what happened, visited those who were assaulted and according to the news he has either sacked or suspended those who took the law into their own hands. Even though we have not seen their names mentioned to confirm the suspension or dismissals it must be taken that, he did something to disassociate himself from what happened.

I must say it was hugely disappointing that, such assaults were allowed to go on. From what I read after those assaults my conclusion is that, it could have been avoided! This is because it came out that, a particular person who was assaulted on that night was notorious for insulting Nana Addo in the past.

The question to ask is that, if he is an Alan supporter and has been insulting Nana Addo for some time now why didn't the NPP called him to order? or more still tells him the repercussions of his conduct or misconduct? Why did the party wait for things to go to the level it got to? Is it a case of somebody not doing his work?

Aside these questions, I am still at a lost as to why Nana Addo's accredited body guards could leave their duty post and go and attack members of his own party whose crime is that, they do not believe Nana is best to lead the NPP but Alan without his knowledge?

Everybody who has body guards must know their movements and what they do at what place and at what time. It is totally unacceptable for body guards of members of the NPP to embark on assault missions without the knowledge of their bosses. I don't think such assaults are part of their operational requirements.

It is against this background that, I think such assaults must be investigated very thoroughly and those found to have staged those assaults be handed over to the police for the laws of Ghana to fall on them. Those who probably are behind such attacks must themselves be made to face the laws of their party and well as the laws of Ghana.

I said it somewhere, and I am repeating it here ; IF it is established that, Nana Addo was behind those assaults of his own party members by his own body guards then he must be made to face the disciplinary committee off the NPP including expulsion from the party if that will bring sanity and discipline into the party!

Nobody in NPP should be seen to be above the other in the party. The NPP rules and constitution that will get Dawuni out of the party should be the same constitution that should be applied when it comes to Osei! The other time somebody asked me who I thought could be able to sack Nana Addo from the NPP even if it emerges that, he was responsible for the assaults on his own party members! My answer to that person was simple; the constitution of the NPP!

It is very appalling the rate at which gross intolerance was creeping in to the NPP. It was on Asempa Fm the other day that “hosted” two NPP members exchanged blows just because one of them was said to be a Nana Addo supporter and the other an Alan Kyeremanteng supporter but who were divided over the contents of a letter one of them published in the media about the expansion of the electoral college of the NPP.

Every member of the NPP must feel safe to support who he or she wants to support without fear of assault from own party attacks. It is with respect to this that, the NPP as a party must not do propaganda with what happened on the 28th January 2010, but must rather conduct full scale investigations to fish out those who drew the assault map and those who executed the assaults!

For now it has been confirmed that, it was Nana Addo's bodyguards who did the attacks and base on this I am saying; sack Nana Addo from the NPP if it is established that, he had a hand in the circumstances under which members of his own elephant party family members ended up been assaulted!

Until this is done then nobody is safe in the NPP. Let us also remember that, any assault on any NPP member any where is a threat to the safety of every NPP member everywhere including you!!

Akilu Sayibu UK
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Akilu Sayibu
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