Free Gestures Now A Crime?

Feature Article Free Gestures Now A Crime?

Somebody travel with the Ethiopian Airways. Then when he booked his ticket to travel on the 13th day of June 2019, the Airline realised that the passenger was to be a year older and gave him a surprise birthday treat in line with the customer satisfaction strategy of the Airline during his trip and then this becomes a problem?

This is not anything unusual for anybody to dramatize. Most service providers do this to their clients. Almost all communication service providers in Ghana and beyond will usually wish their clients happy birthday and give them free airtime as well as data for internet.

In some instances, birthday cakes are provided to the birthday guys. It is a basic PR practice. Some banks do same via auto-generated emails and SMS messages. This is usually entirely free and does not come at a cost to the beneficiary.

The Ethiopian Airways gesture to Alhaji Abdul-Hanan Wahab is nothing special. They do it every day and hour to their passengers.

It is not as if Hanan chartered a private Jet and carried his friends and family to fly to high heights to celebrate his birthday. That is not the case. The exaggerations and dramatization surrounding this simple Corporate practice from an Airline is deeply strange. It looks like some persons are highly proficient and prolific in needless fault finding and are on duty with this issue.

The National Chairman, the General Secretary of the NPP among others were on their way to South Korea to inaugurate a new branch of the NPP there. The aim is simply party expansion and organisation. Then one of time got his birthday caught up with him on air then the Airway gave him a cake how does this become a crime?

My worry is not the deliberate concoction, twisting and slanting that the NDC folks are struggling to put on this. My real worry is the reaction of some members of the NPP to this even after receiving the necessary explanations, directly and indirectly, relating to the Ethiopian Airways gesture to one of their very loyal passengers.

Let's not fall to the mischief that is being attributed to this incidence. How can one be guilty of receiving a birthday cake from an Airline he has always travelled on?

The simple thing for all of us to do is to ignore the filthy and desperate propaganda being championed by known and destructive elements.

Let's be guarded. Very best readers.

BY Akilu Sayibu

[email protected]