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22.03.2009 General News

Term Papers on Ghana Public Administration Sysytem

By termpaperslab

Public administration as defined by Rosen bloom is the action part of government the means by which the purposes and the goals of government are realized. Inferring from the definition by Rosen bloom, Ghana's public administration system is therefore the part of government through which the government of Ghana actualizes whatever vision, goals, objectives it sets for itself.

Public servants or public administrators run public administration through public institutions or enterprises. Some Ghanaian public institutions are; Internal Revenue Service, Value Added Tax Service, Customs Excise and Preventive Service. Ghana's public administration system has institutional autonomy by virtue of its establishment or setting up by an act of parliament. Public institutions in Ghana therefore have the backing of the constitution which is the supreme law in Ghana.

The constitution of fourth republic (1992), clearly defines the......