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18.03.2009 Crime & Punishment

Robbers resort to putting victims to sleep


Late night travellers on the Accra-Aflao route have become the targets of robbers disguised as travellers and use chemicals suspected to be chloroform to put their victims into deep sleep before robbing them.

Mr Ahmed Issah Yakubu, Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of Aflao revealing the new robbery strategy to the Ghana News Agency said, a passenger was robbed of 1400 Ghana cedis in that manner last December and in January this year an Engineer was robbed of his laptop computer.

He said the latest incident occurred on Friday March 13 this year, when Mr Muniru Yussif, 37, a farmer from Kwae in the Eastern Region, and Mr Yaw Nkrumah, 40, a mason from Eseman Kumasi were robbed of money and cell phones.

The two were found sound asleep when the vehicle they travelled on with 13 others arrived at Aflao at 0500 hours and they were taken to the Aflao District hospital where they were revived and observed for three days.

Mr Yakubu said Yussif said he lost CFA 200,000 and 40 Ghana Cedis, while Mr Nkrumah said he also lost 700 Ghana cedis and three cell phones.

He said Yussif said a gentleman sat between him and Mr Nkrumah on the back seat during the course of the journey.

Mr Yakubu said Yussif recounted that he was awake up to the end of the Motorway after which he could not say what happened until he found himself in hospital.

Mr Yakubu therefore urged passengers to be alert against those who shared seats with them as they travelled.

He said the police are investigating the case.