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11.03.2009 Politics

Danquah Institute to hold symposium on first 100 days of Mills' presidency

By The Statesman

The Danquah Institute, a public policy think tank, has announced that it will be holding a symposium to critique the first hundred days of the John Evans Atta Mills-led NDC government on Monday April 20, 2009. Read below the full statement:

The Danquah Institute today announces that it will be holding a symposium on the first hundred days of H.E. John Evans Atta-Mills' Presidency on Monday 20 April at the Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, in conjunction with Citi FM.

This event will examine the developments during the first 100 days of the new Presidency, reflecting on the actions and announcements made since 7 January, and their implications for Ghana across a range of policy areas.

The ultimate aim of this event, as with all Danquah Institute events, is to improve the quality of the decision-making process in this country, and provide greater scrutiny and analysis of policy formulations.

His Excellency Vice President John Dramani Mahama has been invited to open the symposium with a speech outlining the Government"s view of their achievements in this period.

Both Government and Opposition politicians will then participate in the subject-specific forums in which a wide range of well-respected academics with expertise in the field will present high level analysis of the actions taken by his government since 7 January 2009.

There will be a chance for members of the audience to put questions to the panel members, moderated by a well-known radio host. Sections of the day's events will be carried on tv and live on radio stations to fulfil our intention that the symposium act as a stimulant to considered public evaluation of political developments.

By way of background, the Danquah Institute was set up on February 5, 2008, and we are now refocusing on our original mandate to act as a policy think-tank, research and analysis centre.

Whilst we regard ourselves as both guardians and ambassadors of the liberal conservative philosophy as propounded by Dr J B Danquah, we are not an arm of any political party and remain firmly committed to maintaining a critical degree of neutrality and impartiality.

For further information please contact the Danquah Institute on 021 782878 (8am-6pm