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26.02.2009 Regional News

Northern Students Union of Ghana calls for peace in Tamale


The Northern Students Union of Ghana has expressed worry about the reported conflicts in the Tamale area and urged the people to “give peace a chance” for the sake of children whose education was being jeopardized as a result disturbances.

The students said the incomprehensive and indecent behaviour of the people could destroy the economic and human resources of the area, thereby undermining development.

In a statement signed by Mr. Issahaku Arimeyaw Somo Lucky, National President, the Union pointed out those conflicts in the past had offered the people nothing apart from leading them into mayhem and creating enmity among the people.

The statement said students from the north were united in their various schools and campuses and would not want any conflict behaviour from their parents because it has the potential of dividing them also.

The students therefore appealed to the people of Tamale to exercise restrain and adopt appropriate ways of resolving their differences, and not to result to violence at the least provocation.

They urged the people to unite and work hard to reduce poverty, hunger, disease and illiteracy which were considered major challenges militating against their development.

The statement urged political party leaders to prevail on their supporters to give peace a chance while the government also initiates appropriate policies to help resolve conflicts in the north.

The students commended the security agencies for the excellent work done so far and urged them to bring perpetrators to book irrespective of their political leanings.