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25.11.2008 Tragedy

Explosion Kills One, Injures Another

> Explosion Kills One, Injures Another

An exploding compressor in Tema at the weekend completely tore off a leg and an arm of a 26-year-old vulcaniser, in the process hurling him high into the air and killing him instantly.

A second person, Zubero Ibrahim, 41, who had his left arm completely severed by the force of the explosion, is on admission at the Tema General Hospital.

Such was the power of the explosion that it shattered the windscreen and damaged the tyres, front fender and other parts of an articulated truck, with registration number AS 1875 S, which was parked more than 50 metres away from the scene of the explosion, the Tema police confirmed.

The police said the explosion occurred in the Black Star Line area of Tema, close to the Tema Main Harbour, at 2.30 p.m. on Friday. 

The sound of the explosion sent people in the vicinity running helter-skelter. In the process, no one bothered to trace its source, let alone go to the aid of the casualties, Inspector Olivier Turkson, the Public Affairs Officer of the Tema Regional Police Command, said.

She said preliminary investigations revealed that Ibrahim Bamba, the vulcaniser, was inflating the tyres of a vehicle when the compressor machine he was operating suddenly exploded, ripping off his left arm and left leg and throwing him into the air.

Zubero Ibrahim happened to be passing by at that moment and he was hit and got critically injured by the force of the explosion.

Inspector Turkson said police investigations revealed that the compressor machine had developed a fault a few weeks previously and required servicing but that had been delayed.

“We suspect that there had been an accumulation of excess pressure in the machine and that caused it to explode,” she said.

The police spokeswoman said Bamba's body had been deposited at the Tema General Hospital, while Ibrahim was on admission at the same hospital. 

Story By George Sydney Abugri


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