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29.10.2008 Social News

Children Pray For Peace, Unity

Hundreds of children from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church South Conference last week converged at the Efua Sutherland Children's Park to mark this year's International Children's Sabbath Day.##m:[Read more]##

The children prayed for unity among Ghanaians and for peace during this year's general elections. They said “we are brothers and sisters, who love one another” and should not allow elections to divide us.

They declared one-week of prayer during which all SDA children were expected to attend church in the evening to pray for the nation.

The children in a message, explained that they were concerned because “if there is any conflict, we will be affected the most.”

They appealed to political leaders and their supporters to conduct their campaigns in a way that will ensure peace in all parts of the country.

The children also prayed against the use of abusive language during campaigns, explaining that such language triggered misunderstanding and brought about conflict.

It was the hope of the children that after the week-long prayer session, God would cause fellow feelings among all Ghanaians, especially the politicians for there to be love and peace everywhere.

Addressing the children, Mr Kwesi Anyimadu, Clerk of Parliament, advised the children always to pray and trust in God to provide them with everything that they needed.

Mr Anyimadu, who is also an elder of the church urged the children to respect and obey their elders, reminding them that the Holy Bible required that children obeyed their parents.

After the prayer session, it was time for fun and the children, who sat according to the districts they belonged to, had lots of food to eat and soft drinks as well as fruit juice to quench their thirst.

The occasion created an opportunity for the children to interact, make new friends and, generally, have fun.

Story by Severious Kale Dery