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28.10.2008 General News

It's another vindication – Ogbamey


Mr. Alfred Ogbamey, Managing Editor of the Gye Nyame Concord newspaper, says CHRAJ's confirmation of its intent to conduct full public investigation into the Kf94/ZPMC/GPHA contract is a further vindication of the newspaper's stand on various issues.

“We've always insisted that there are too many reasons why this issue should be investigated whereas Flash has never seen sense in what we said and had publicly said so. That is why he said he would not wait for us to do the story before going public by holding a press conference based on a promo we did”, he told this reporter.

“If CHRAJ, without the mountain of detail available to the petitioner could come to a similar conclusion on the same issue, who can genuinely say we were wrong”

Speaking also on Peace FM's “Kokrokoo” programme last Thursday, Ogbamey reminded listeners of the time when the Director General of GPHA put in a paid advert in a number of newspapers, including the Crusading Guide, Daily Guide and the state—owned Daily Graphic, then edited by Mr. Yaw Boadu Ayeboafo, which libeled him and suggested that his interest in pursuing the case was the result of dubious motives.

“Thanks to my lawyer, Egbert Faibille, I dragged Graphic to the National Media Commission where they lost the case after spirited attempt at defending their libel. They were asked to apologise for the publication, which they did.”

He said the latest vindication attest to the fact that we were right while those few people who jumped to the defence of the Director General of GPHA were wrong.

He said he was looking forward to the date for the beginning of the case and revealed that it has been interesting observing how documents relating to Lagbo's role as director of Kf94 have been changed at the Registrar General's Department in order to dampen his authority as a credible witness.

“When the time comes, we would know the truth” he said. '

At a brief meeting with some reporters of the paper on the same day, he asked them to bear in mind that the CONCORD, as a fallible newspaper, may get issues wrong sometimes. “When we do, we would genuinely apologise.

“Remember that we have also had many, many pluses. We broke the story about the abuse of our hospitality by Telenor at Ghana Telecom around the same time we did the promo on GPHA and got the Kufuor administration to cancel their contract. We did extensive research work on the IFC loan which got the loan cancelled; broke the stories of Prof. Kasim Kasanga mangoes -scandal, TMA MCE's abuse of laid-down regulations years ago and have played pivotal roles in many more issues in the past. We also played key roles in the CNTCI scandal that got it cancelled and would continue to do what we can when we can. For me, this is just another vindication, he said.