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28.10.2008 CPP News

'CPP has the magic wand'

By The Statesman

The Convention People's Party says it is the only political party which has the antidote to the nation"s numerous problems and that it would perform 'miracles' to completely change the 'shattered' Ghanaian economy when given the mandate on December 7.

David Ampofo, Chief Strategist and Communications Director of the CPP campaign team, said this at a rally in Takoradi Sunday to officially launch the party's campaign for the December elections in the Western Region.

 With the exception of Freddy Blay and Samia Yaaba Nkrumah, who failed to attend the rally, all the party's parliamentary candidates contesting in twenty-one constituencies in the Region were formally introduced to the electorates by the flagbearer, Paa Kwesi Nduom.

David Ampofo intimated that Ghanaians saw "better days' in the days of Kwame Nkrumah, founder of the CPP, and the party still has the magic wand to fix the 'tattered nation.'

'Ghanaians have seen good days before so let us vote for the CPP on December 7 to go back to those days when the people lived like kings and queens in their own land', he added.

He accuses both the NDC and the ruling NPP of 'mismanaging the wonderful country' bequeathed them by the Nkrumah regime, and insists the CPP is the rightful political party destined by the Almighty God to rule the nation.

He points to the 'unique and courageous' role played by the party during the nation's struggle for political independence as evidence for this assertion.

The party's flagbearer, Kwesi Nduom, said voting for the CPP in the December elections meant voting for peace, development and jobs for thousands of unemployed youth roaming the streets aimlessly.

Lamenting over the Western Region's current underdeveloped state in the face of its abundant resources, the CPP flagbearer assured the people of his government's preparedness to transform the region to befit Nkrumah's status and image.

His wife, Yvonne, also said the CPP which believes in empowerment of the Ghanaian woman would allocate a greater percentage of regional ministerial and District Chief Executive positions to women when voted into power.

She said the party currently has a membership of 300,000 and that it was seriously putting measures in place to double

this figure to six million before the December elections.

 Other speakers at the rally which was held at the Jubilee Grounds included the party's national women's organiser, Hajia Hamidatu.