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23.10.2008 General News

Mac Manu Tasks BoG

By Daily Guide

The National Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Peter Mac Manu, has charged the Bank of Ghana to investigate and establish the veracity or otherwise of what he called a fabricated document which he believed is being circulated by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) indicating that some top members of the NPP have huge sums of money deposited into a prudential bank account.

“The politics of personal destruction deprives our political arena of good people who could have served us but do not relish the prospects of people attacking their reputations unnecessarily.

“Just as the allegation that the bank of Ghana sold the country's reserves was false so is this one.”

The chairman who was speaking at a press conference in Accra today described the document as a trash with no proof and dared the former president Jerry John Rawlings to come out and clear his name of the corruption charges leveled against him with regards to his role in the SCANCEM scandal.

The chairman did not also take kindly to a publication in one of the NDC's tabloid Weekly Standard which alleged that the president owed some Kuwaitis billions of US dollars.

The former aid of Jerry Rawlings, Mr. Victor Smith, who ran the paper, was dared to provide proofs within two weeks or face court action from the president.

“That allegation is so scandalous that the normally serene and forgiving president is threatening to go to court for redress if those allegations are not withdrawn or proven within two weeks.”

Mr. Mac Manu added that since the allegations were false and could not be proven, an apology would have to be granted to the president by Mr. Smith.

He regretted Rawlings stance on the last elections in which the NPP won massively in the Central Region. He said for Rawlings to say the people of the region took money and voted for the NPP was an insult to the people.

Mac Manu was surprised that the flagbearer of the NDC, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, who is a son of the region has not come out to defend his people and wondered if he could defend the Nation when the need arose.

“If Mills cannot stand up for Central Region, can he and will he stand up for Ghana when he is president? Let Prof. Mills stand up for principle against the former president and for his region to show Ghanaians that he has some back-bone for once”

The NPP chairman continued that President Kufuor has on no occasion mentioned the health of the NDC presidential candidate.

What the president according to him said was that the candidate has not been visible enough to the people.

He explained that the president said so to intimate the fact that though the NDC had always said their candidate was arrogant, he has been on the campaign trail and made himself accessible and visible to the masses.

If there have been statements on Atta Mills' health, then it had emanated from the NDC and not the NPP.

He also said that the hullabaloo about the NDC presidential aspirant's health was stated by Ekow Spio Garbrah as well as the NDC MP for Lower Manya, Hon. Nyanu.

He alleged that the NDC was speculating some documents alleged to be the minutes of an NPP meeting indicating a calculated plan to rig the December polls and denied ever holding any such meeting or possessing such documents.

The “wicked lies” he said were a grand plan of the NDC to negotiate a power sharing deal when they lose the election.

The NPP cannot manipulate the Electoral Commission whose commissioner and deputy were appointed by the NDC.

“NPP is never in bed with the EC”!

The NPP chairman asserted that since the EC was a human institution it was the responsibility of the political government as well as the political parties and every citizen to help it perform to the best of its ability.

He said the NDC's comments on the press conference by the NPP's flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo on the global financial crisis did not serve the nation well.

He said the allegation that the flagbearer was acting as the president is neither here nor there since every citizen had the right to comment on any issue adding that Nana Addo did not say he was speaking on behalf of government or the president.

“He demonstrated mastery of the subject and by tackling the issue showed leadership. If Mills or any other candidate has any ideas on the crisis, let them speak up. If not, let them keep quiet.”

The idea of he waiting to be elected president before talking was described as old philosophy. The chairman cited Senators McCain and Obama who have likewise spoken on the issue even though they both are not presidents.

On the position of the NPP on the ballot paper, the chairman registered the excitement of the party and said they were very pleased since imminent events cast their shadows and urged supporters to vote massively for Nana 'number one on the ballot paper' come December.

By Rocklyn Antonio