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08.10.2008 Regional News

Burkina Faso celebrates 47th anniversary

By The Statesman

Citizens of the People's Republic of Burkina Faso on Tuesday celebrated their 47th Independence Anniversary in a grand style with their Ghanaian counterparts in full participation. 

Historically, the people of the Republic of Burkina Faso since 1960 enjoyed civilian leadership until 1983 when Captain Thomas Sankara staged the first coup d' tat and over threw President Colonel Jean Baptist Ouedraogo in the early days of 1987.

  By the invitation of the Governor of the South Central Province of Burkina Faso, a highly powered Ghanaian delegation led by the Deputy Upper East Regional Minister, Agnes Chigabatia stormed the show at Manga, the Provincial capital of the South Central Province.

 The delegation involved service Commanders security agencies in the region, farming groups, Municipal and District Chief Executives, Heads of Departments and some members of the media.

One significant thing about the day was that Ghanaian tomato farmers smoked the peace pipe with their counterparts in Manga by carrying large quantities of tomato fruits on donkey trailers during the March pass.

 It is placed on record that last year there was friction between the two bodies over the importation and exportation of tomato fruits into the two countries.

Leader of the delegation, Hon. Agnes Chigabatia applauded their host for the hospitality they enjoyed and said the visit though reciprocal was aimed at strengthening the bond of good neighborliness that exist between the two cities,

 This, she noted will enable them to go beyond the artificial boundaries their colonial masters created and separated them in the Sub-Saharan region.

 Hon. Agnes told the gathering to see the anniversary as an era making event which behoves on all people of Black Africa to reflect on the past and future by ensuring that due recognition is giving to appreciate the efforts of past heroes.

 "We must think of those who led us into independence and to those whom the future belong by ensuring that due recognition is giving to appreciate the efforts of our past heroes to reflect on how we can leave a positive legacy for our future generation," she stressed.

Her colleague and Chief host, Madame Hein Pauline Winkou, Governor of the South Central province stated that independence day celebration on the African continent should be observed as a day which every well-meaning citizen of Africa must pause and reflect on the struggles of their forefathers who horrendously had to bear to free them from the shackles of colonialism."

She appealed to the people of Black Africa especially those in the ECOWAS Sub-region to strengthen their universal right of freedom, unity, liberty and other virtues such as determination, commitment and self reliance to enhance the socio-economic emancipation of the African Continent.

By Mariam Mandeiya