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04.10.2008 Social News

Emergency Services To Start In Ghana

By ISD (Afriyie Samuel Sakyi)

A Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health, Abraham Dwumoh Odoom,  has said that, the provision of timely treatment during life-threatening emergencies has not been a priority for many health systems in the developing countries.

 He said when Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is strenghthened, it will  sustain lives to take care of situations such as breathing difficulties caused by respiratory infections, dehydration caused by diarrhea. He said this at the inauguration of EMS in Accra last Thursday.

The committee which comprised of various stakeholders are said to include representatives from the, Ghana Health Service, Three Teaching Hospitals, the Police Hospital and the 37 Millitary Hospital and also some Emergency Services Consultants respectively.

He said committee members are responsible to see the accurate management of ambulances on the field. He added that emergencies ambulances are related to the question of adequate access and care of ambulance worth on arrival at the receiving health facility.

Director of the National Ambulance Service , Dr Ahmed Nuhu Zakariah, who is also the chairman of the committee said this project has been on pilot basis from 2004. And when one dials 193, it will take him or her to the control room where service providers will offer immediate services.

He said a lot of avoidable deaths are still taking place in our health institutions and in our communities because of either delayed, inappropriate or the absence of emergency care, and this formed the basis of the formation of the committee as well as care in the community and care during transportation.

The committee comprised of various stakeholders including representatives from the Ghana Health Service, the three Teaching Hospitals, Police Hospital and the 37 Millitary Hospital respectively.