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06.05.2008 General News


By A.A. Mbord, Bawku -
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UNCONFIRMED reports say at least four people were killed in renewed fighting at Bawku, following the gunning down of a prominent businessman in the town on Sunday night.

The businessman, Alhaji Karim Oga, was said to have been gunned down as he left the mosque after joining other worshippers for the evening Muslim prayers.

The two assailants were reportedly riding a motor bike. They pulled-up infront of the mosque after the prayers. The pillion-rider got down, moved towards the worshippers, pulled out a gun and shot Alhaji Karim at close range.

An eye-witness said after the act, the assailants sped off leaving the worshippers dumbfounded.

The incident resulted in spontaneous and sporadic gun fire in the municipality which caught the security personnel on peace-keeping duties unawares.

Captain Victor Abbey, Officer Commanding the Airforce detachment at Bawku, confirmed the incident and said one other person was shot in the head and then beheaded.

He said a number of arrests have been made in this latest incident but did not give details.

Captain Abbey said most residents are indoors following the re-imposition of the curfew for 22 hours but a few criminal elements are still roaming the town firing indiscriminately at the time of filing this story at 1 p.m. yesterday.

Unconfirmed reports say that two traders who were returning to Bawku after attending a village market at Songo last Sunday, were also brutally killed at a location near Bugri junction.

A number of houses have been burnt, 12 at Pusiga, six at Nayoko and others at Binduri and Zabugo, near Bawku.

Meanwhile, security in the area has been beefed up with the arrival of eight truck loads of military and police personnel.

Calm has however returned to the municipality which looks like a ghost town as it is deserted following the curfew which began at 9 a.m. and will remain in force until 7 a.m. tomorrow.

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