03.03.2008 General News

Chief of Krachi appeals to gov’t for pontoons

By The Chronicle
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The Krachiwura, Nana Mprah Besemuna Ill, has made a passionate appeal to the government to help ease problems associated with transportation in the area, by providing the people with modern pontoons to guarantee safety on the lake.

He said due to the peculiar nature of the area, as it is surrounded by the Volta Lake and the River Oti, the people of Krachi were provided with pontoon services, which is the only means of transportation, but for some time now, the pontoon, which operated between Kete-Krachi and Kwadwokrome, and linked the Volta Region to the Brong Ahafo Region is not functioning.

Nana Mprah Besemuna noted that since then the people have found it difficult to transact their normal daily business activities, as some of them have resorted to the use of engine-driven boats, and canoes, to embark on their activities, which normally results in disasters with loss of lives and property.

The traditional ruler, who made the appeal in an interview with The Chronicle at Kete-Krachi, noted that due to the unsafe means of transport in Krachi, businesses have been affected and that the early provision of pontoon services for the people would revive socio-economic activities, which would in turn reduce poverty among the populace.

The Krachiwura pointed out that the chiefs and people in the area were worried, because since the pontoon stopped functioning about seven years ago, several appeals have been made, by the chiefs and the Krachi Youth Association, for a new pontoon to be provided, but nothing was done about these concerns.

Nana Mprah Besemuna further explained that pontoon services were the only effective means of transport in Krachi, which linked the people to the south, and any movement by the people would require an efficient and regular lake transportation, to ensure that the people do not suffer unduly.

He emphasised that the area, which is one of the food baskets of the country, continues to suffer to the extent that transportation of food crops was done in a more difficult manner, at times leading to loss of life, a situation he said was affecting the human resource base of the area.

The Krachiwura said another worry of the people, was the use of only one engine by the pontoon, which operates between Dambai, in the Krachi-East, and Krachi-West. This he said was more than a death trap, and called for the situation to be changed before a major disaster occurs.

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