23.01.2008 General News

Parliament proposes drafting of interim 2009 budget

By Statesman
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Parliament has questioned the appropriateness of the government presenting a budget for the 2009 fiscal year when the NPP is leaving office after the December general elections.

All the leaders who spoke on the issue thought it will be unnecessary and a waste of national resources for a Parliament to pass a budget for a government that is having office.

They however suggested that it will be appropriate for an interim budget that will last for the first quarter of 2009 for the new government to work with and then plan a substantive one later.

They indicated, however, that since the issue had not come up for discussion, it will receive greater attention at the appropriate time.

The House, resumed yesterday for the fourth session of the fourth Parliament of the Fourth Republic after going on recess for a month.

This session will discuss issues on the chieftaincy bill, the amendment to the Customs Excise law that will lead to the introduction of the talk tax, among other bills.

The Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing appeared before the House to answer some questions from members of the House. Majority of the MPs were in attendance.

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