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30.12.2007 Health

Cut down fat intake, consume more vegetables- Nutrition Expert


Ghanaians have been urged to cut down the intake of animal protein and increase the intake of plant based diet, which will assist the body to regain its optimum health and performance.

Ms Hannah Adjei, Assistant Chief Nutritional Officer of the Ghana Health Service in an interview with Ghana News Agency said research had shown that animal based diet was heavily laced with fats, salt and sugar and that had contributed significantly to the increase in diseases.

She noted that the recent rise in non communicable diseases in the country has been as a result of the unhealthy lifestyle choices resulting in diseases such cardio vascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, mental illness and bone and muscular diseases, which are described as the greatest killers of the day.

Ms Adjei said, to increase the quality of the Ghanaians diet during these festivities, fruits and vegetables should be increased in both quantity and quality to supply the vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes and other essential components for the maintenance of good health and the prevent diseases.

She said the Ministry of Health had introduced the regenerative health and nutrition programme, which focuses on disease prevention.

She said seed; legumes and grains such as cowpeas, soyabeans, sesame seeds groundnuts and agushie should be the major source of dietary energy and proteins since starchy foods alone cannot supply the needed nutrients.

“Our fats and oils should come from plant based sources and should be eaten in moderation so we could avoid being sick”, she added.

She reminded Ghanaians that whilst they consume more chicken, meat and fish, they should add more of the vegetables; “Since life without variety becomes boring”.

On alcohol, the Assistant Chief Nutrition Officer said excessive intake was harmful to one's health and urged Ghanaians to take notice of that and reduce their intake of alcohol.

Ms. Adjei entreated Ghanaians to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout these festivities to ensure good health and live longer to go through the coming new year.