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26.12.2007 General News

Pastor calls for promotion of peace irrespective of the cost


The Reverend Thomas Ekow Nana Ansah, Minister in charge of the Christ the King Methodist Church, has said the celebration of Christmas should remind people to live at peace with one other.

He said the birth of Christ was to reconcile man with God and bring peace on earth.

Rev. Ansah was preaching on the theme "he shall be the Prince of peace".

He said peace was vital for the survival and development of any nation and all efforts must be made to attain it irrespective of the cost.

Rev. Ansah said Christians and non-Christians must promote, sustain and ensure that peace was visible in all aspects of the people's lives.

He said it was unfortunate that many people allowed merry making associated with the celebration to overshadow the essence of the birth of Christ.

"Many people decorate their homes, cars and buy new cloths, cook special diets but refuse to prepare themselves for Christ".

Mr. John S. Davies, assemblyman for the Anaji electoral area, has sent a Christmas message to all churches in the area.

He said the development of each electoral area must be of paramount interest to all inhabitants.