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21.12.2007 General News

Syndication of live telecast for Ghana 2008


The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of Ghana 2008 African Cup of Nations has reached an agreement with all six local television stations to have equal live telecast of the competition that commences on January 20.

Magnus Rex Danquah, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the LOC told the GNA Sports that the agreement with the six – Ghana Television, Metropolitan Television, TV3 Network, TV Africa, Net 2 Television and Skyy TV means they would all in principle syndicate sponsorship and advertisement from one source for and on behalf of the LOC and all the broadcasting houses.

The right for the live feed for the production, which in Ghana exclusively belongs to the LOC, is being extended to all television companies and radio stations on common parameters to guarantee a share of the coverage revenue for all companies involved in the syndication.

Mr Danquah said this means that arrangements made separately with any of the six stations by corporate bodies in relation to publicity on the platform of the coverage of the tourney must be refashioned to reflect the current posture that ensures a simultaneous appearance for sponsors and advertisers on all the stations.

The Chief Operating Officer has therefore encouraged sponsors to take advantage of the total nationwide coverage that is ensured by the involvement of all the television networks through the Marketing Department of the LOC and other accredited agents.