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19.12.2007 General News

Two Shot At Anloga

By Daily Guide

TWO PERSONS, shot in a bizarre incident in Anloga in the Volta Region, have appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Patrick Kwarteng Acheampong to help trace the culprit.

Madam Edith Ama Fiagbor, a trader in Anloga and Gabriel Bawa, a security man, were said to have been shot on September 4, 2007 at 8pm by one Koku Gbetowaka, a taxi driver without any provocation.

Koku Gbetowaka has since fled the town.
Two police medical forms shown to DAILY GUIDE and signed by the Medical Officer at the Ketu District Hospital in Aflao, indicated that the two had been shot and had some pellets still lodged in their bodies after treatment.

Madam Fiagbor and Mr. Bawa told DAILY GUIDE about their ordeal and the suspicious manner in which the Anloga Police were handling the case when they called on the Awoamefia Torgbui Sri III in his office in Accra to seek his assistance with medical treatment and their petition to the police.

According to them, Madam Fiagbor was seeing Mr. Bawa off around 8pm when they heard a gunshot and were forced to stop.
When another shot was fired, Madam Fiagbor said she felt some sharp pains in the arm and leg and fell down in excruciating pain.

“We saw Koku and when we asked why he shot at us, he said he was shooting at someone he had a problem with and did not know the bullets would hit us,” they said.

The two alleged that Koku then went into his house, which was nearby, and brought out some hydrogen peroxide to use as first aid but blood continued to ooze from the wounds therefore Koku had to rush the two to one 'Dr.' Avadzi, a chemist who also used hydrogen peroxide to treat the injury.

Madam Fiagbor stated that Koku came to her house the following day with his wife, Ableyi Domi in the company of one Atsu Amable and instructed Ableyi to take them to the clinic.

Madam Fiagbor and Bawa mentioned that after the initial treatment, they still felt pains in the region of where the bullets were lodged.

Unfortunately for them, Koku was adamant and insisted that what happened to them was purely accidental and that there was no cause for alarm.

“I reported the matter at the Anloga Police Station and I was given a medical form. I went to Aflao since there was no doctor at the Keta Hospital for treatment.

“I was X-rayed and the doctor found some pellets in my body. I then called Koku but he ignored me,” she said.

Koku was said to have been invited by the Anloga Police where he was arrested and kept at the counter for questioning.

He was said to have later escaped from Police custody, a situation the two find difficult to believe.

They alleged that ever since the incident, the police have not made any serious efforts to have the culprit re-arrested.

They are blaming the police for allowing the suspect to run away and not doing anything to ensure justice and fairness.

Madam Fiagbor and Mr. Bawa are therefore appealing to the Police hierarchy to take immediate steps to have the local police and the culprit brought to book.

According to Madam Fiagbor, since the incident, she has not been to the market to trade thereby affecting her source of livelihood.By Wisdom Peter Awuku