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19.12.2007 General News

Diasporans Form Party

By Daily Guide

GHANAIANS BASED in the Diaspora have formed a new political party called the Ghana National Party (GNP).

The party, being led by Kweku A. Danso and Ofori Ampofo, has since received approval and been given certificate of recognition from the Electoral Commission (EC) and is set to contest the 2008 general elections.

Mr. Ampofo, a co-founder of GNP who stated this at a press conference in Accra, said the party was dedicated to changing the chronic system of deficit spending, and instead create a national culture of saving.

According to him, after 50 years of independence Ghana was still languishing in economic prison and needed to be freed.

“Political independence without economic freedom is meaningless and we therefore need to wage relentless economic war to free our people from slavery.”

He stated that the party would need the support of individuals who had suffered and continued to suffer under harsh economic conditions in the country to change the dysfunctional political system.

Describing GNP as a savior which would redeem the people of Ghana from poverty when it comes to power, Mr Ampofo said decent paying jobs had become a thing of the past and professionals who have had many years of post secondary school education could not even afford to buy modest cars due to high government duties and taxes that made the prices of cars and other imported goods exorbitant.

He observed the present situation had led to bribery and corruption, which he said was on the increase while the less unfortunate ones had been left to care for themselves and die earlier than expected.

Mr. Danso, who is also the chief executive officer of US-based AMTEK Reality and Financial Services said the poor leadership in the country had failed to find the right formula to create jobs for the youth, thereby allowing most of the youth to think that traveling abroad was the right and only way to make wealth and succeed in life.

“Our elected officials spend taxpayer funds with no planning for the society and rather focus on selling state assets and inviting foreigners to pay them huge salaries to do jobs our people could do better.

“Our educated accountants, bankers, doctors, engineers, nurses, scientists and other talented professionals perform creditably in various countries but they are strongly discouraged when in the country.”

The GNP founders urged Ghanaians to join hands with the Diasporans to serve the nation on a new political platform for a dynamic change.By Linda Tenyah