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14.12.2007 General News

Secret plot to disturb the peace in Ghana uncovered?

By The Independent

Scouts of The Independent have picked up very dangerous signals of a move by some unscrupulous elements to disturb the peace of the country.

Credible information available to The Independent say, there is a Lebanese national who has been hired by certain reactionary forces and agents of Armageddon to raise funds to shore up an attempt to topple the President Kufuor led administration of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The Independent can confirm that, the Lebanese involved - name withheld, in his bid to assist the diabolic game plan to succeed, has been going round collecting money as contributions from the Lebanese business community to ostensibly finance the plot.

Our credible scouts have hinted that, the modus operandi of the Lebanese has so far been going around telling his "country" men that, there is going to be a change in government in this country very soon.

And he has not failed to use the usual Communist Inferior Tactics of threats as he constantly tells those businessmen that, they stand to lose their businesses or have their businesses closed down if they do not contribute to the plot to prematurely overthrow the Kufuor administration.

The Lebanese involved, The Independent can confirm, is closely linked to a politician who stays at Ridge in the heart of the city of Accra. He is said to be in constant touch with his close pal and others, attending meetings to hatch a viable plot

In view of the sensitive nature of the information and the threat the plot poses to the peace and stability of the country, The Independent Wednesday lodged an official complaint with the relevant state authorities to enable them move in to deal with the matter.

Meanwhile, The Independent is also privy to information of another attempt to stage another trouble in the Dagbon Traditional Area and thereby raise it back into the limelight. The details of the plan, our intelligence sources have learnt is to simulate a plot of a proportion that will really disturb the peace and stability in the country and ruin Ghana's image.

According to our credible informants, some disgruntled elements are creating a regional war in an attempt to start a fight in the Dagbon area, which is expected to spread to potential trouble spots in the three northern regions of Ghana.

The Independent can report that, at a time when the entire nation is preparing to host the Ghana 2008 tournament, guns like the AK47 and G3 calibre, are clandestinely being sold in the Dagbon area to fit into a bigger plot of an attempt to create the impression that Tamale is not safe to host the segment of the tournament slated to take place at that venue.

Speaking to The Independent on these potential developments, a political analysts described them as very unfortunate and uncalled for. Ghana has come very far on the road to true democracy, and we do not need this, the analyst stated.

He proposed that, members of all minority parties, including members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Convention People's Party (CPP), People's National Convention (PNC), and all people of Ghana will rally round and support our democracy.

The political analyst questioned why the leadership of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) should go ahead with its planned demonstration last Tuesday when the nation is preparing to host the Ghana 2008 tournament.

He said, the move was to create a "Kume preko" atmosphere to cause panic among the general populace and to also send wrong signals out there, but "Kume preko" will always be "Kumi preko." The Independent has forwarded the names of all those connected to the plot that we have in our possession to the relevant authorities, who have assured us they would take prompt action to safeguard our Fourth Republic.