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19.10.2007 CPP News

CPP targets 30 percent of 2008 votes


The Convention People's Party (CPP) on Thursday said it had developed an electoral campaign machinery to win not less than 30 percent of the total valid votes in next year's presidential election.

It has also targeted a minimum of 30 percent, or 69 out of the 230, parliamentary seats.

"We are entering next year's general election with renewed Nkrumaist strategy to win but even if CPP fails to win outright, with 30 percent presidential votes in our kitty, we would be the kingmakers," Mr Eric Benyarko, aspiring CPP National Vice Chairman told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

He noted that the party had assessed the political landscape, especially of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP), and had the firm conviction that the CPP had the goodwill to win Elections 2008.

"CPP would decide who rules this country. We would be the kingmakers and people should take us seriously.... If we do not win, because the party would not get less than 30 per cent of the votes in the presidential election, that is when other political parties would be trooping to our doorsteps for negotiations.

Mr Benyarko, who is the Chairman of The Patriots, a political pressure group within the CPP, said the party's vote at the end of the first round of presidential elections would give them a very strong bargaining power to set the ground rules for any negotiations with any political party seeking their support.

He said many prophets of doom had written the party off but Nkrumaism had remained steadfast and prevailed because of the unsparing efforts of the foot soldiers and workers across the length and breadth of Ghana.

"They toiled hard without any regard for personal gain or reward, never discouraged by gloomy predictions, the time has come for CPP to stand out and lead Ghana and Africa into economic emancipation."

Mr Benyarko urged all CPP stalwarts, the youth, women and floating voters to participate actively in the activities of party as they set in motion the process of taking over power through the ballot box come January 2009.

He said CPP would continue to champion a pragmatic mix of state intervention and private enterprise but with the state playing a pivotal role in growth and social transformation.

The public sector offers the instrument of balanced regional development, affirmative action and also the means by which modern industry would be developed.

Mr Benyarko said the social role of the public sector was no less important than its technological or production role that would make Ghanaians self-reliant.

A CPP Government, according to him, would place an over-riding emphasis on modern science and technology, education grounded in modern, scientific and progressive values.

Mr Benyarko also urged other aspirants to conduct their campaign with maturity and respect for opposing views devoid of insults and rancour.