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August 31, 2007 | General News

Nigeria Launches Independence Anniversary Celebrations In Ghana


The Nigerian High Commission in Ghana today launched Nigeria's 47th Independence anniversary celebrations in Accra.

A Representative of the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana, Ambassadorial Minister, Hon. Simon Ejike Eze, launched the occasion which included a special gala dinner among other activities, which would take place on their independence day, 1st October, 2007, at the banquet hall of the state house.

Hon. Eze, acknowledged Nigeria's good commercial and political relationship with Ghana. He said that about six Nigerian banks, among other businesses, are doing very well in Ghana. He urged Nigerians to follow the due process of the law in Ghana as the best way to handle issues.

He expressed gratitude for the honour Ghana had given Nigerians by naming a major stretch of road after their former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, and making him the guest of honour during Ghana's 50th.Anniversary celebrations.

The event is being organized by the ruling Nigeria's People's Democratic Party(P.D.P), Ghana chapter, and the Royal Protocol Services, under the auspices of the Nigerian High Commission, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and NEPAD as well as the ECOWAS Secretariat in Ghana.

The Chairman of the PDP, Ghana chapter, Henry B. Shebure, said that the idea behind the event is not only to celebrate the anniversary but to “support orphanages in Ghana,” a gesture which the PDP has done over the years.

He appealed to the Nigerian and Ghanaian business communities, individuals and corporate entities to support and sponsor their good cause.

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