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11.06.2007 General News

The Rains And After

It is important that members of staff of Ghana Incorporated, our beloved country, take lessons from what happens to other members of the company who go through some disaster.

After such incidents, it is important that those who were not affected take a critical look at the causes and effects and take steps not to repeat what went wrong.

Three days of intermittent rains dealt a devastating blow to some members of staff who live in the western part of

the company's headquarters.

Many are those who wished they could have averted the calamity that befell them during the terrible days.

It is true that when members of staff are looking for accommodation we do not care two hoots about where we find one, whether in a low laying or even marshy area. We need accommodation and so long as we have a room that we would sleep in that is all that matters to us.

Equally, we may not be concerned even when the area is in an earthquake zone. It may be necessary for a prospective tenant to examine the area where he wants to live.

When members of staff know that an area is flood-proned they should be circumspect in accepting an offer of accommodation in the said area.

The right thing to be done by any memberof staff who wants to buy a plot of land, is for the one to take time to inspect the area during the rainy season. Why? That is the time you would be able to see what happens when the rains set in.

Inspection of a plot during a dry period will not give you the accurate picture of the place during the rainy season.

It was said some of the victims of the recent flood at the western part of the headquarters said they did not need relief items but cement to reconstruct their houses. Hmm! now that the price of cement has hit the roof...

Management of our company has the obligation to ensure that members of staff are protected and have security. When the times become rough, in the times of disasters, it has to demonstrate that it cares.

If the management was to provide building materials to all those who lost their property through natural disasters, then there should be a big budget to cover every victim.

But where is that going to come from? Perhaps the victims would have to tell the company.

As members of staff we need to do the right thing. We do not expect to create problems and call on the management to come and solve them.

Anyway, indications are that buildings in waterways are to be demolished. We are patiently waiting to see how it would be carried out.

Article by C.S. Buabeng