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06.06.2007 General News

BNI to meet with Union executives of workers of TOR

By myjoyonline

BNI officials are scheduled to meet with union executives of the Tema Oil Refinery over demands for salary increments.

The workers and management of the refinery have been haggling over salary increases for the past six months.

The BNI is stepping in to try and resolve the impasse to avert any strike action which could result in a major disruption in fuel supply in the country.

TOR is the only refinery in the country and its shut down could have dire consequences for the economy.

The workers started hoisting red flags at the company's premises on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, to draw attention to their concerns.

An emergency meeting called by the managing director of the refinery to prevail upon the workers to remove the red flags failed.

JOY NEWS sources say the red flags will remain until Friday when the negotiating team of the workers is expected to meet management over demands.

The workers want a 30 percent increment in salaries but management is offering only 17.5 per cent.