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04.06.2007 General News

3 Jamaican international reggae artistes to storm Ghana


Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, I go out to all of the loyal fans who have been burning the 'fiyah'.

Assalamu alaikum, hmmm, I had quite a few thoughts running through my head when I first heard this news from one of the organisers. Not one, or two but three frontline reggae artistes straight up from Jamaica direct. Wow, this has never been experienced in Ghana before.

Rest assured that Ghanaian reggae fans that are waiting in hush anticipation to see Shaggy, Elephant Man and Vegas perform live in front of them will have their wish granted by Silicon House Production on the August 11th and August 12th 2007.

Speaking to Donna (Assisant MD of Silicon House Production), she said “We are bringing Jamaica to Ghana and you won't doubt it because you are hearing it from a true Jamaican”.

In the month of August, the nation will come to a stand still as all roads will be leading to the true African country, Ghana at the Conference Centre and State House Forecourt respectively.

Elephant Man and Mr. Vegas are set to perform for the first time in Africa in the month of August. Elephant Man has just finished his album released on Bad Boy Record label (P. Diddy's label), so Ghanaians will be privileged to get live performances of it.

Local artistes such as Batman Samini, Bandana, Wutah, Shasha Marley and King Ayisoba will be on the bill.

Short biography on the artistes

Shaggy, a former Marine cop who deserted his career for music has been one of the most prolific leaders of the conscious Reggae movement. Emerging in the latter half of the 90s, he helped lead dancehall back to the musical and spiritual influence of roots reggae.

He then had a major comeback in 2001, featuring worldwide number-one hit singles "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel. Shaggy has made an appearance in Ghana and really rocked the stage in a two day event.


Elephant Man is better known as “Punk Rock of Dancehall" and when is out of his leash, he is always unpredictable but always entertaining.

Former DJ credits his success to Bounty Killah. Elephant Man discovered his talent at the age of 15 when he used to use school desks to beat out rhythms and rhymes along.

Elephant Man has had an enviable career: appearing on every major show in the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas but is yet to step foot in Africa, his true homeland.

He is heralded as one of the reggae artistes who took Dancehall music to another level and is expected to storm here with his group, Scare Dem Crew.

Make sure you are able to sing “Log On”, “Pon Di River” and “Pon Di Bank”. Ghanaians would never have a dull or sitting moment with Elephant Man.

As his signature goes, "You know how we roll"!


Mr Vegas, British Mob Award winner for Best Reggae artist has catapulted to the top of the Jamaican charts in 1997 with the dancehall boomshots "Heads High" and "Nike Air", his distinctive vocals fusing melodious singing with precision deejaying (rapping). Since then he has built an international fan base with hit singles like "Pull Up", "Tamale" and "Hot Gal Today”.

Born Clifford Smith in Kingston, Jamaica, he was given the nickname Mr. Vegas by his cousin for the neon pink shorts he wore on the football field; in addition to his athletic skills Mr. Vegas also demonstrated musical talents early on.

And for Mr. Vegas the future appears to be shining even brighter than the flashing neon lights that abound in the Nevada city that is his namesake.

Source: ghanamusic