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23.05.2007 Letter

Stop Domestic Violence

Dear Editor, I wish to appeal to parents who engage in all forms of violence at home to put a stop to it because it affects the development of children.

A good home is essential for children's development, while a broken home retards their development.

If parents knew how their children feel when they engage each other in physical or mental abuse, especially in their presence, they will put an end to such practices.

Very often violence in the home leads to broken homes. Without parental control, children are easily influenced by their friends to engage in social vices such as stealing, drug abuse, alcoholism and prostitution.

Children are like budding plants which have to be nurtured and protected. Parents must provide love, support and care for their children at home in a peaceful atmosphere. That way, the children can take the place of their parents in the future.

Clifford Odoi,

Achimota Basic School,

P.O. Box AH 2,

Achimota, Accra.

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