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15.05.2007 General News

Tony Blair Ordains Gordon,Jerry Rawlings Expresses His Support For Mills-Is it A Crime?

By The Lens
Tony Blair Ordains Gordon,Jerry Rawlings Expresses His Support For Mills-Is it A Crime?

Tony Blair Can Ordain Gordon Brown As His Successor But Jerry Rawlings Expresses His Support For Mills And It Was As If A Heinous Crime Had Been Committed

When it is time for Leaders to bow out of office, very often it only makes sense that they would want people they are sure can continue to do a good work, to take over from them and it only makes sense that one hands over to a competent person doesn't it?
On Saturday, I read in one of the papers that Tony Blair has ordained, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, as his successor, and I said to myself why not?
Everybody who has been following the politics in Britain over the past decade knows that when Tony Blair took over from the Tories with his New Labour, Gordon Brown has been the backbone of the Labour party in terms of his management of the economy.
Indeed, minus Gordon Brown, some political analysts believe that the smooth talking Tony Blair would not have lasted as long as he has as the Prime Minister of Britain.
In fact the support that Gordon Brown has given Tony Blair goes beyond managing the economy.
When New Labour took over from the Tories, Tony Blair, as Prime Minister, had to move to 10 Downing Street, which is the official residence of the Prime Minister.
For some reason, 11 Downing Street, which is the official residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is bigger than 10 Downing Street and because Gordon Brown did not have a family, so to say, at the time, he swapped houses with his boss Tony Blair and allowed Tony, his wife Cherie and their kids to live in the bigger 11 Downing Street.
So the support that Gordon Brown gave his boss transcends what happened officially.
So uncle JB is not in the least surprised that as Tony Blair bows out as Leader of the Labour Party, he has blessed Gordon Brown to succeed him and hopefully steer the Labour Party onto greater heights.
I know for a fact that but for the able managing of the economy by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair would have been forced to call for elections far earlier especially as he got himself unholy yoked with that clueless cowboy called George Bush and how the two of them have made the world less safer to live in.
Ask me any day, and I will say that it only makes sense for people to want to hand over power to a competent pair of hands.
In Ghana however, when in 1996, the former president said at Swedru that should Prof Mills put himself up for election to be the flagbearer of the NDC, he (the former president), would throw his weight behind the good professor, it was as if the former president had committed a gross crime against humanity.
Who does not remember the noise that the Kwaku Baakos and the Kwamena Bartelss of this world made?
Who does not remember the rubbish that the whole gamut of the NPP propaganda machinery spewed after that so-called Swedru Declaration?
They made it seem as if what President Rawlings said was something unheard of, and did not spare Prof Mills the black paint.
The good professor was so painted black that uncle JB knows that it is only by divine providence that the man is still making waves in the politics of this country.
Was it not because of that so-called declaration that Gabby Asare Otchere Darko had the nerves to refer to Prof Mills as a poodle?
Would the same Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, go to the Britain, where he picked up his cockney accent, and refer to Gordon Brown as a poodle just because Tony Blair has ordained him as the person to lead the Labour Party?
I am sure any attempt by Gabby to call Gordon Brown a poodle would be met with so much laughter and ridicule by political analysts out there that if Gabby is not careful, somebody might volunteer to pay for his head to be examined.
All uncle JB is trying to say is that, all over the world, people prefer to hand over to their chosen successors and that it is only in Ghana that it became a “haram” when President Rawlings said he preferred to leave his party in the hands of the astute Prof Mills.
Come to think of it, why do people die and leave a will?
Is it not so they are sure that their estate is left in capable hands?
So if President Rawlings, in likening what he said at Swedru to leaving a will, wanted Prof Mills to succeed him, what was wrong with that?
Today, are we not hearing all over the place that Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4 prefers Allancash to take over from him?
His blood brother is in the race ooo, but he wants to make sure that he gets somebody he can trust to take over from him.
So would Gabby say that Allancash is also a poodle?
He Gabby, the Statesman empire that he wants to build, would he allow just anybody to take over from him? He would be a fool to allow just any geezer to take over from him isn't it?
Even in the bible, did Elijah not select Elisha to take over from him as a prophet?
Ghanaians, have we realized the extent to which we allowed the NPP and its propaganda to make us believe that what happened in the NDC in 1996 was a taboo when in fact that is the norm worldwide?
As for me uncle JB, I am very happy that we are all alive to witness the way Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4 is going around asking the potential NPP delegates not to vote for the likes of Dan Botwe, Kwabena Agyepong and co.
In the case of President Rawlings, he did not say that NDC delegates should not vote for particular persons ooo. He only said that should Prof Mills stand, he would support him.
This time, the so-called democrats are actually asking people not to vote for particular persons. “Asem be ba dabi”
What goes around surely comes around and uncle JB is happy that years down the line, Ghanaians now realize the extent to which the NPP played mischief with what happened at Swedru and how all they did was to create a storm in a teacup just to paint Prof Mills black.

Oteng-Gyasi & Co Well Done
Little by little, the bird builds its nest isn't it?
Well, little by little the NPP is building its nest of gross incompetence and monumental failure and it is not uncle JB who is sitting somewhere and manufacturing any such story.
We have heard Kwaku Baako condemn the government over the energy crisis; last Friday, it was Gabby Asare Otchere Darko who let loose his emotions and said that the government has failed the people of Ghana as far as the energy crisis is concerned.
Now, Mr. Tony Oteng-Gyasi, the President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and the AGI as a body corporate, have told the government in the face that they have had enough of the tales as regards the supposed solving of the energy crisis and that they want the government to come clean with them.
Just read this piece from the back page of Saturday's Graphic:
“Ghanaian industries and corporate executives have called on the government to come out with a definite period within which it will resolve the energy crisis.
“That is because the state of uncertainty as to when the nation would get out of the power crisis is UNDERMINING (caps mine) the government's CREDIBILITY (caps mine) and also throwing the planning programme of industries and corporate institutions out of gear.
“The President of the AGI, Mr. Tony Oteng-Gyasi, led a number of concerned industry operators to pour their hearts out …”.
As they say, book no lie, and so if for some reason you thought that uncle JB was fibbing, I have quoted the Graphic and you can go and crosscheck whether uncle JB is dreaming up the story.
The same story read in part:
“One key issue that came up at the forum was a recent survey conducted by Data Bank on the impact of the energy crisis on industry, which indicated that companies in five sectors of the economy spent more than $120 million on fuel every month to power their generators”.
A whopping $120 million a month on fuel? Gee!!!
So what money would be left for the industries to buy raw materials and meet other production costs?
And after all the money that is spent on production, how would pricing be affected and how would that impact on the returns to industry since the pricing of products out of the reach of the ordinary consumer would mean that nobody would patronize such goods?
And if, due to the high prices that they must necessarily sell the goods to even break even, nobody patronizes the goods, would the companies not experience a negative return on their investments which would in turn lead to the collapse of such companies?
My people, are you getting the extent to which industries are suffering and why Tony Oteng-Gyasi and his group have now decided to call a spade a spade?
I tell you, people are no longer prepared to hide their suffering from the incompetent NPP government.
Gone are the days when people were prepared to suffer in silence hoping that the NPP would one day get its act together.
Seven years down the line, the economy is in reverse gear and things are getting from bad to worse and Ghanaians are now prepared to give vent to their inner feelings and tell the incompetent NPP government in the face that all is not well with their souls.
I think the only group that has allowed its conscience to remain caged somewhere in the anatomy of the elephant, is the religious community.
Oh yes, have you heard the Mensah Otabils, Owusu Ansahs and co complain openly about the energy crisis?
Their suffering congregants continue to believe in the bible and so pay their tithes and give graciously during Sunday collections so the osofo's are not feeling the suffering.
Uncle JB wants to really thank Tony Oteng-Gyasi and co for being bold and letting the government know the extent to which industries are suffering especially because of the insincere manner in which Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4 and his daft ministers continue to tell lies and give unachievable timelines within which the crisis would be solved.
First we heard “two weeks” from Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4 himself, then we heard “March” from his insulting Energy Minister, then we heard “June” from the same insulting minister.
Now we are hearing “September” and “the end of the year” from the ugly and extremely insulting Deputy Energy Minister.
And we are supposed to be in the golden age of business? Golden age of business my foot!!!
If anything at all, we are in the golden age of gross incompetence and monumental failure. Useless nation wreckers!!
Ghanaians are tired of the lies and Tony Oteng-Gyasi and co have chosen not to mince words at all.
We want light and we want it NOW!!!

Ghost Names On Castle Payroll
Have you people also heard what uncle JB has been hearing since last week?
Have you also heard that there are ghost names on the Castle payroll? I no go fit laugh ooo!!!
So we still have ghost names on our payroll?
And it is the castle of all places that is leading in the ghost names agenda? Ha! Ha! Ha!
O these elephants, they never cease to make me laugh.
I tell you, I am suffering in this land of our birth but sometimes I can't help laughing myself to stitches when I hear some of the things that are happening at this time when the elephants are misruling the country.
Ghost names?
I thought that Osarfo-Marfo spent all his time at the Finance Ministry sacking all the ghosts that the NDC supposedly left on government payrolls.
Or you don't remember how those days, the Daily Graphic, The Ghanaian Times and the propaganda newspapers of the NPP kept telling us stories about how ghosts names were all over the place and how the NPP was discovering the ghosts and sending them to where they belong?
So after all these years of sacking the ghosts, what are ghosts doing on payroll of the Castle?
That ugly Kwadwo Mpiani midget; what is he doing at the Castle such that he is not seeing the ghosts all around him? Or the castle ghosts are so stubborn that Kwadwo Mpiani cannot deal with them?
You see the kind of dishonest noisemakers who are ruling this country?
All the things they used to complain about, they are doing them tenfold.
Talk about, bribery, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, theft, fleecing of the nation, tribalism, bigotry, illegal acquisition of wealth, drug trafficking, foolishness, stupidity, etc., and the NPP is far ahead of any government.
Is it not a shame that the castle is habouring ghosts on its payroll?
Well, if the Castle is the hub around which the NPP's disgraceful kickback agenda revolves, why would Kwadwo Mpiani not be entertaining ghosts on the payroll of the castle?
Time will surely tell.

The Blood Is Beginning To Flow Waa Waa Waa
Last week, over 40 people died around Winneba in what has been described by the MTTU boss as the “worse carnage on our roads”.
And just yesterday, some people lost their lives around the same place.
The blood-thirsty gods of Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi K4 are demanding blood so the blood is flowing waa waa waa.
They want to rig the 2008 elections via ROPAL and have asked their evil gods to support them in that agenda so they have to let the blood flow waa waa waa for their evil gods to be happy with them.
Ghanaians, let's pray ooo let's pray, for we are in the hands of evil and demonic forces who would do anything to stay in power.
Let us not depend on our religious leaders for salvation because they have proven that they are only interested in their comfort and once Nebuchadnezzar Ataa Ayi is taking care of their needs, they would not pray for the rest of us that is why we have to take our religious destiny into our own hands.
Let us pray, for we are really in very dark times.