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14.05.2007 General News

Atropine Event, Never Again

Last week the director of our company's security registered his profound concern about the wave of mob action occurring at the various areas of the company's premises.

For those members of staff who are above 50, it was virtually unheard of during their youthful days that somebody had been lynched through mob action.

However, the callous treatment of fellow members of staff in the name of “instant justice” is fast creeping into our system. But it is at variance with our chosen path of democratic corporate governance.

Ghana Incorporated should not allow that heinous and barbaric practice to be part of our culture. Now that we have all resolved that we should be governed by the 1992 Companies Code it is important that the rule of law is allowed to operate.

The dastardly act of the young men at Atronie in the middle part of our company's premises, which led to the cold-blooded murder of a young clinic administrator on mere suspicion should make every member of staff to sit up.

Certainly, the suspicion had no grounds and yet the deviants have taken away the precious life of the young man. Why should the irresponsible young men not gather enough evidence to convince them that indeed the suspect is guilty of the offence.

In any case, even if it was true that he was part of a gang that were killing some members of staff in the area, was it their right to mete out instant justice to the suspect?

It is important that those we have empowered with local authority should examine the gory incident and see how best they could educate the young members of staff in their area.

The nauseating event should encourage opinion and religious leaders throughout the company to impress on the young members of staff to desist from such irresponsible acts.

We concede that sometimes there are delays in the company's justice system.

But if every member of staff will allow his heart to dictate to him when he/she suspects that something is wrong and takes the law into his hands, then our company would be suitable for those who belong to the jungle.

Life is precious and it must be treated as such. Now that the administrator is gone what will the miscreants do to bring him back when in their sober moments they might have realised that they erred.

The heinous crime that they have committed has caused pain in the hearts of the relatives of Mr Boateng. The emotional trauma and psychological disturbance to his dependants is enormous.

Let all members of staff of our beloved company reflect on the event at Atronie and say never again to instant justice.