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24.04.2007 Letter

This Is Not Fair

Dear Editor, I write in response to an article by one Kwesi Kankani published recently at your website.

I personally think that owning a team while being the GFA president amounts to no conflict of interest. I think it should rather be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to be a steward of Ghanaian football to show the extent of the their interest in the game.

There are many people who run football yet they own teams. Coton Sport Club of Cameroun is proudly financed by the CAF President, Issa Hayatou, yet no one complains that Coton Sport is given preferential treatment when it comes to CAF-organised competitions.

Danny Jordaan has a lot of say when it comes to matters concerning Kaizer Chiefs. There are many more examples the world over.

Furthermore, it is good that as fans of the game, we listen and follow the game carefully so that we do not derail future sponsorships for local teams.

The CEO of Bahmed Travel and Tours, to be fair, is a philanthropist. Wa All Stars is not the only club he has helped. Donations have been made to clubs like King Faisal, my club, Liberty Professionals, and others in the past. We should not single out some clubs, it is unfair.

It would be recalled that four local coaches were sent to Germany for training (Coach Nuhu of All Stars inclusive). All these coaches have been attached to the various national teams. 

We, the football-loving people, should know that the GFA President does not have the right to assign anyone as coach. It is the FA that assigns coaches.

Let us be alert to point out any foul deed and criticise constructively. Let us not also cry wolf where there is none.

Bongfudeme Bawelle,

Maamobi, Accra.

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