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02.04.2007 General News

Doctor Fights Lover

By Daily Guide
Doctor Fights Lover

Regina Asantewaa, a Ghanaian woman domiciled in the United Kingdom but currently in the country, is at her wits end as to how to recover her 4-bedroom house which she claims has been usurped by her former medical doctor boyfriend.

Dr. Joseph Agodoa, a medical practitioner, claimed he had spent millions of cedis to complete the house so could not just allow Regina to take possession of it.

The two former lovebirds met in 2001 when Regina went to the Fairview Clinic with an ear problem.

Dr. Agodoa who now practices at the Modern Atomic Clinic at Haatso near Accra was then the medical officer in charge of the Fairview Clinic, according to her narration to Daily Guide.

She said the doctor treated her gratis when she called at the clinic and they became friends.

Continuing, she said they started going out in 2005, some four years after their first meeting.

This, according to her, was followed by their engagement, after the relationship had assumed a husband and wife touch.

The doctor had informed her that he was a single father with four children, she told Daily Guide, and that before meeting the doctor, she had almost completed her building at Israel, near Alhaji, a suburb of Accra, which was now the bone of contention.

Continuing with her narration, she said when she returned to the country last year for holidays and expressed interest in moving into the house, the doctor asked her to wait a while.

She said she went to the house later with a cousin who had earlier worked on the building to point out some mistakes he had made while working on the project.

She said when they reached the house and entered, they discovered it was being occupied.

A boy who resembled the doctor told them that his father had gone out but his mother was asleep inside.

The boy's mother later told Regina and her cousin that the doctor would not be returning until Sunday evening.

Regina said she managed to leave the house and the presence of the woman who was introduced as the landlady.

Regina said she confronted the doctor and asked him to move out with his family so that she would occupy the place.

According to her, the doctor pleaded with her to allow him and his family to live in the house since she would not be in Ghana permanently, adding that he would secure an alternative accommodation at East Legon for her.

This suggestion did not go down well with Regina who insisted that she would take over her property, whereupon the man quoted what in her estimation, was an outrageous amount as the money he had spent on the project.

She added that the doctor tried to get the mason who worked on the project to inflate the cost of items, but the man refused.

A bill purported to have been submitted by the mason and sighted by Daily Guide indicated ¢9.9million as the amount spent.

The woman then reported the matter to the Tesano Police, who advised the man to submit his expenditure on Wednesday afternoon, to help resolve the imbroglio, but as at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the appointed day, when Daily Guide contacted the Tesano Police, the man had not turned up.

The Tesano Police Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Kwesi Duku intimated that when the case was reported to the police, they realized it was purely a civil case so they decided to resolve it, but so far, Dr. Agodoa, seemed not to be cooperating.

According to him, the doctor had confessed to the police that though the house belonged to the woman, he too had spent some amount of money in renovating it and would therefore want a refund.

The police had asked him to produce a bill to that effect.
Meanwhile, Regina who was in the country with one of her daughters is now residing in a hotel.

When Dr. Joseph Agodoa was contacted on phone, he said Regina made unsubstantiated complaints against him to the Tesano Police, who followed up to arrest him but changed their mind on realizing they had received a wrong complaint from the lady.

He claimed she admitted making unsubstantiated complaints when they met to thrash out the matter at the Tesano Police Station.

The doctor said he had been the caretaker of Regina's properties, of which the house at Israel was one.

According to him, the house at Israel, though built by Regina, was totally “uninhabitable and I made it habitable”.

The doctor pointed out that Regina knew he was a married man and that, two years ago, she met the family in the new house after he had renovated it, as agreed upon.

Regina, he went on, was not his fiancée because as far as he knew, she was a married woman who lost her husband, “so there is no way a married woman could be re-married.”

Regarding the ring Regina showed Daily Guide as evidence of their engagement, he contended that rings could be obtained in the market.

He submitted that though he had not arrived at the Tesano Police at the scheduled time, he had later submitted his expenses to the police as advised.