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30.03.2007 General News

'Grasp Principles Of Healthy Lifestyles'

By Winston Tamakloe, Tegbi

MAJOR Courage Quashigah (rtd) has advised the youth to endeavour to grasp the principle of healthy living and lifestyles to enable them to secure the future of the nation.

'We need to resuscitate linkages between health and wealth creation through the adoption of healthy lifestyles,' he stressed.

Major Quashigah said these at a regenerative health and nutrition programme held here on Monday in the Keta District.

The five-day workshop is being organised by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the African-Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) of Israel, a non-governmental organisation focusing on regenerative health and nutrition, for 80 participants drawn from all sectors of the economy in the district.

Major Quashigah noted that 'there is the need for Ghanaians to add value to food processing to make them nutritious to enable them to protect their health status.'

He expressed concern about the situation where the nation’s fortune was being spent on ill-health through degenerative health and stressed on the need to use regenerative health as determinants to good healthy lifestyles.

Mr Prince Immanuel, leader of the AHDA delegation, attributed degenerated health in the country to polluted environment and called for healthy sanitation practices to ensure longevity on earth.

He cautioned that 'if the situation persists, life expectancy of Ghanaians will reduce and affect productivity to create good health for wealth.'

Dr. Atsu Seake-Kwao, Ketu District Director of Health Services, said premature mortality had increased with the acquisition of diseases which include stroke, malaria and infection of the blood, affecting the populace between 25 and 49 years.

He urged the Ministry of Health and the assemblies to re-enforce primary health care and sanitation bye-laws respectively to ensure personal hygiene practices.

Mr Ben Dumashie, a retired educationist, observed that the adoption of positive dieting and regular physical exercises would regenerate the health status of Ghanaians.

Torgbui Sri III, Regent of the Regency of Awoamesi, said the involvement of traditional authorities in the programme must serve as inspiration for the youth to adopt healthy lifestyles to increase the life expectancy rate of the country.