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22.03.2007 Feature Article

British Budget and the focus on Education, Children & Families and the Elderly!

Ghana @50 may need to emulate what the giant political players are focusing on otherwise children & families, youths and elderly would be stuck in the mud.

Reflecting on the British The Chancellor Gordon Brown budget, his main focus were on education, children &families and the elderly who have contributed so much to their economy in the past he said. I wonder what our Chancellor would say when it comes to our budget.

What exactly are we focusing on? Our youth are all leaving Ghana for greener pastures adding to more brain drain for our economy. However, although the current government appears to be doing it best to satisfy the demand of the youths there is still a huge gap within our system.

The competition out there in the wicked world is atrocious. Currently, Europe is becoming one big country where employment is more favourable to be offered to the European more than the Africans. This must send signals to all Africa nations. Act strategically now and share ideas to benefits your population otherwise Africa would always be classified as second class.

What strategies are in place for youths in order to match up with our European counterparts?

In Britain, all 15 years old are offered two weeks the work experience opportunities in baking, estate agents, schools, shops, baking, car mechanics, accountancy etc just to have that taster experience. This could take place either two weeks before the Easter break or two weeks before the long vacation.

This actually gives the youth a greater scope of what to do in the future.
In contrast, however, in Ghana our 15 yr. old are not offered this opportunity. It was the same in Britain in 1960 but as the market is dynamic and the macro environment is also dynamic the educational sector must take on the challenge to offer the right people for the job market.

This is why the Gordon brown is focusing on education and children and families to get the right start in life from the onset not plastering up issues.

Work experience for our 15yrs must seriously be taken in consideration by the decision-makers of education and perhaps start up such projects now. There are companies within our society waiting to engage in such opportunities.

Is the timing right given that our President is exploring the world to see what would benefits of country and youths?

Help for housing for children & families on low income

The provision of perhaps providing low cost housing renting accommodation for families with children would ease the Sodom and Gomorrah's in our country. It might be best to tackle housing issues head on rather than being left for more new areas created into ghetto. The town councils may need to be recreated to help with strategic town planning activities.

The care of the Elderly

Some elderly in Ghana are living in hell and being also abused by their family members. They even call the elderly names witch and every misfortune is being blamed on them, they receive poor health care, etc. We must remember that this group have no one to turn to for help if their own family mistreats them. I doubt if we have social workers for the elderly population in Ghana. Therefore these group are trapped in a catch 22 situation.
A day care centre for the elderly would be an excellent way for likeminded people like themselves to link up. They could learn new trade or trends, update their knowledge about current issues perhaps of safety issues for example house fires share knowledge to nursery school and JJS, and above all feel valued by our society. The day centre could also offer counselling sessions for the elderly to share the problems and unwind their hopes and fears. The elderly day centres would be idea for every town cities and villages. If we have community centres then they could be used as day centres perhaps two days in a week. Currently, we lack such facilities for our elderly groups within our society.

Ghana @50, well, well, we must behave maturely like the giant politically party globally and the benefits they share with their society in which they serve.

Ghana must emulate aspects of other country that would enhance our image in our acquired status of maturity and differentiate us from the rest of Africa. This would show us up as the true Black Star in Africa.
If we are getting invites from the giants and they are also coming down to see us in our home country.

Ghanaians need to see more outcomes of this nature.

Mercy Adede Bolus
Mercy Adede Bolus, © 2007

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