Akufo Addo Can’t Force Bawumia On Ghanaians, As He Did The E-Levy To Destroy Their Livelihoods

Feature Article Akufo Addo Cant Force Bawumia On Ghanaians, As He Did The E-Levy To Destroy Their Livelihoods

Under a façade of democracy, the dictator Akufo Addo imposed the E-Levy on Ghanaians, a new tax that was overwhelmingly rejected by the populace. The outcome severely damaged the lives of the poor Ghanaians and destroyed their small-scale businesses. Since the NPP government has failed and run out of options to preserve the nation, the president wants history to repeat itself by imposing his failed vice president on Ghanaians as president by vote fraud, but the populace is prepared to fight against it.

When a government makes a proposal and the populace rejects it, they demonstrate their displeasure through the democratic process. In these cases, the government will look into the matter without imposing its will on the populace. When Ghanaians opposed the introduction of the E-Levy, a new tax imposed by the NPP government, in a nation where the populace is already burdened with several taxes and a high unemployment rate, they were met with disdain.

Ghanaians did not reject the new E-Levy tax because they didn’t want to pay it; after all, every government relies on tax revenue to build their country. They believe it is unfair for the NPP government to tax the small enterprises they depend on for survival because the government has failed to provide jobs for the growing number of young people without jobs, while they were lying about creating jobs when they were deeply in debt without accountability.

Akufo Addo refused to listen to the voice of the suffering masses and to gain the upper hand to pass the bill, an ambulance was dispatched to transport a sick Member of Parliament so that the number of Members of Parliament required to adopt the new tax bill could be possible. Thousands of angry Ghanaians went to the bank to withdraw their money to prevent the government from stealing their little income, which led to the decline of their businesses and took a heavy toll on their lives.

Akufo Addo enjoys having wealth and leading a lavish lifestyle, but he is so corrupt and lazy that he doesn't want to put in the effort necessary to do anything worthwhile in his life. Watching the young Akufo Addo on one of the Loud Silence TV shows, I wasn't shocked in the slightest. He was bragging about how he could purchase up to 10 rolls of marijuana and the seller would give him one free in addition to smoking. Ghanaians can now understand why he is corrupt and incompetent.

Ghana has lost billions of dollars and development as a result of Akufo Addo's presidency. The selection of his ministers has also been a complete waste of time, as Ghana's resources are being depleted without producing any noteworthy results for the country. He failed to combat corruption as he had promised, allowing NPP politicians to engage in significant financial crimes without repercussions. Akufo Addo and Bawumia's regime embezzled almost all of the funds intended for development and COVID-19 from the World Bank and other financial organizations.

The heedless, incompetent criminal persists in threatening Ghanaians, threatening Ghanaians with treasonous statements of not handing over power to the NDC. Imagine how Ghana, which had a strong economy under the previous administration, has declined to become one of the most difficult places to live. Mahama is now receiving a lot of apologies from people who have acknowledged that they mistreated him after most Ghanaians realized they had been deceived by Akufo Addo and Bawumia.

Akufo Addo claimed to be a difficult person in the video; he was boasting of smoking ten rolls of marijuana. He still keeps that difficult demeanor, which has made him a tyrant who wouldn't take no for an answer. He continues to brag that he outperformed John Mahama, even though he and his vice president have failed. He is bragging about beating Mahama twice in elections, even though it has now been exposed that he rigged both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Akufo Addo is a dangerous person due to his lack of integrity and empathy in his mindset. He now intends to manipulate the elections in 2024 with Jean Mensa, the head of the Electoral Commission, who has spearheaded all of the president's electoral crimes. When this occurs, it will be another tragedy related to the unrest that is currently occurring in Ghana. Not only will it allow citizens to commit suicide, but it will also take the country nearly ten years to heal under a new administration.

The majority of Ghanaians are not willing to allow Akufo Addo to collaborate with Jean Mensa and other NPP politicians employed at the EC's office to manipulate the elections for Bawumia because the vice president is not like the E-Levy he imposed on the people to ruin their lives and businesses. Instead, free and fair elections should be used to elect the leaders of Ghana. Forcing the vice president upon Ghanaians will result in violence, as he has lost support from the mass population.