Quality healthcare requires highest professionalism, positive attitude – Major General Ewusi 

  Sun, 21 Apr 2024
Health Quality healthcare requires highest professionalism, positive attitude – Major General Ewusi

Major General Raymond Ewusi, the Deputy Chief of Staff (Medical Services), Ghana Armed Forces, has challenged the staff of the 37 Military Hospital to deliver on their mandate to spur on benevolent groups and individuals to offer more to support the hospital.

He said quality healthcare required the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and positive attitude to complete the “healthcare equation.”

Maj. Gen. Ewusi was speaking at the commissioning of a GHC700,000 refurbished Simango Ward at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra, by Women Empowerment Foundation International (WEFI), a non-governmental organization.

The WEFI, led by its founder Lady Sonia Agyei Kyem, mobilised funds for the renovation of the Simango Ward, one of the oldest wards at the hospital.

Apart from the structural refurbishment, the WEFI provided 20 beds, 36 mattresses and 72 bed sheets, 17 Television sets, 17 air conditioners, 16 water heaters, three office tables and four chairs, two fridges and two microwaves.

The WEFI has adopted the ward and pledges to assist it whenever the need arises.

Maj. Gen. Ewusi appealed to philanthropic individuals to appreciate the need to be the driving force in lifting the image of healthcare facilities to the desired standards.

'What we witness today is a testament of what we can all contribute as stakeholders to serve Mother Ghana,” he said, and that the renovation had brought relief and smiles to many people.

“Like warriors that you are, your resilience and dedication manifested when some challenges threatened the completion of the project. You have proven to us that you face your battles to the end, and this is exemplary and inspiring to us all,” he told the WEFI.

Maj. Gen. Ewusi said the refurbished ward had been configured and expanded to cater for the in-patient requirements of the Internal Medicine Division and the Genitourinary Department.

“The relief this brings to the Ghana Armed Forces Medical is unimaginable.”

He assured the WEFI that the hospital would ensure high maintenance culture at the ward.

Brigadier General Prosper Ayibor, the Commander, 37 Military Hospital, said hospitals served as sanctuaries of healing, where individuals entrusted their well-being to capable hands of medical professionals.

“Within these hospitals, the ward emerges as a critical component, which offers patients many advantages,” he said.

Unfortunately, many of those wards were saddled with high cost of maintenance, which affected their smooth operations and meeting patients' expectations, he noted.

He said through the acts of generosity, compassion and solidarity philanthropists and donors have the power to shape the future of healthcare, improve patients’ outcomes as well as create healthier communities.

Mrs Joyce Acquaye, the WEFI President, was elated by the collaboration between the Foundation and the Hospital and urged members not to rest on their achievements but work even harder.

“Let's continue to work together towards building a healthier, more resilient community where access to quality healthcare is not a privilege but a fundamental right for all.”

The 37 Military Hospital began operating as the 37th General Hospital within the British Empire. One of the wards that came with its birth and commencement of operations is the Simango Ward. It was known as Ward Six.

The Ward, however, was later named after Dr. Simango in recognition of his meritorious service to the hospital and to Ghana.

It admitted Ghana's first cases of COVID-19 patients.

The WEFI seeks to bring together women in business and in various professions.