Nana/Bawumia Government Has Been Implementing What John Mahama Is Promising The People Of North East Region

Feature Article NanaBawumia Government Has Been Implementing What John Mahama Is Promising The People Of North East Region

The former President and a serial loser of Ghana's presidential election, H. E. John Dramani Mahama visited North East Region on 15th April, 2024 and as usual promised the people of the region without cross checking the unprecedented initiatives, policies and development projects Nana/Bawumia government has implemented and continue to implement.

Among his promises is establishment of Military Barracks in the North East Region. Funny enough, NDC foot soldiers in the region have taken it to social media as if it is news in the region. Interestingly, there are two Military Barracks under construction in the North East Region by Nana/Bawumia government. It seems those around JM are not doing their job properly else he would have been told that hectares of land have been handed over to the military authority by the Nayiri, The Overlord of Mamprugu Kingdom for construction of Military Barracks and Command Quarters in Nalerigu. Construction of the first phase of the Military Barracks in Nalerigu for the mechanized or infantry brigade has finished, awaiting extension of electricity and water to the area. The second phase, which is a story building complex has started too and the foundation work has finished already. It would have also saved him some embarrassment had his handlers told him that there is another Military Barracks under construction in Bunkpurugu as well. H. E. John Dramani Mahama, Nana/Bawumia government is providing the good people of the North East Region with two Military Barracks already. So, your promise is not news to us in the region.

H. E. John Dramani Mahama also promised the people of the region of construction of regional hospital. It is public knowledge in the region that a site for construction of the North East Regional Hospital has been earmarked for construction by Nana/Bawumia government and the region does not need any promise in that regard.

Another promise is also establishment of a university in the region. When H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party attended a Youth Conference in Walewale early this year, he indicated to the good people of the region that plans are far advanced for the establishment of a first ever university in the North East Region. Mr. John Mahama, Dr. Bawumia is far ahead of you in that regard. Dr. Bawumia is delivering to the region it's first ever university.

It is also absurd to hear Mr. John Mahama say he would ensure that security services recruitment are done at the regions. It is as well a common knowledge that applications for security services recruitment are done online and screening done at the various traditional regions for now pending full scale establishment of various offices in the new regions. So, what is Mr. John Mahama talking about?

Did I also hear JM say he would revitalize student loan when he comes to power? When it comes to student loans, I think Mr. John Mahama and his NDC should not be talking about it at all. Under their watch, students struggled to access loans under Guarantor System until the visionary and generational thinker, *Dr. Mahamudu Bawumi* brought that brilliant idea of No Guarantor System for Student Loan Application to replace the one time tedious process of accessing student loan. Mr. John Mahama, there is nothing to revitalize so far as student loan is concerned. This government has even increased the student loan to a hugely Ghs3000.00.

In his attempt to convince voters in the region, JM indicated that he was coming back to be president because of the interest of ordinary Ghanaians. As if he is a new person arriving from space. Mr. John Mahama, you are the same 'Dead Goat' Ghanaians know and the alternative is still scary, empty and pathetic. Many Ghanaians are even wondering what you left at the Jubilee House that you are eager to return for.

In conclusion, the North East Region has received unprecedented development under the Nana/Bawumia government and it looks more promising with Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as President of Ghana, come 2025.

It is possible In Shaa Allah
Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
Nalerigu/Gambaga Constituency
North East Region
[email protected]