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Disregard Any Faceless Group Called 'Walewale Youth Warriors of NPP': The Good People Of Walewale Will Support Any Choice Made By Dr. Bawumia As His Running Mate

Disregard Any Faceless Group Called 'Walewale Youth Warriors of NPP': The Good People Of Walewale Will Support Any Choice Made By Dr. Bawumia As His Running Mate

Yesterday, 1st April, 2024, the good people of North East Region woke up to a purported news emanating from the Walewale Constituency indicating that a Youth group in Walewale was pleading with The Nayiri, The Overlord of Mamprugu Kingdom to advise H. E. Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia not to choose Hon Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the current Energy Minister as his running mate. We all thought it was 'April fool' news until certain online media outlets started giving it credence. But, does NPP have a registered and recognized group in Walewale Constituency called Walewale Warriors Youth of NPP?

The first thing I tried to do was to find out whether such a group exist or not in the Walewale Constituency. My checks revealed that such a group does not exist at all in the constituency. In fact, the Municipal Chief Executive for West Mamprusi Municipality, Walewale expressed shock and dismay about such behavior of a faceless group purporting to speak for the youth and good people of the Walewale when I placed a call to him to authenticate the status of the group and to satisfy my curiosity. It is obviously clear that the MCE is not aware of existence of such a group. The only registered and recognized NPP groups in the constituency according to the MCE are Bawumia Youth Center and Bawumia Youth for Development.

As I monitor the space for more updates on this issue, I came across a press release well crafted by the NPP Walewale Constituency Youth Organizer on behalf of the youth of Walewale Constituency, distancing themselves from such a group and the content of the group. He indicated their desire to support the party irrespective of who the Flag Bearer chooses as his running mate.

In effect, the NPP youth in Walewale has spoken and it is clear in my opinion that that faceless group has no blessings from the youth of Walewale. So, what could be the motive of this phantom group purporting to speak for the youth of Walewale on an issue they have no authority to speak to? Are they doing the bidding for their paymasters? Could it be the handiwork of the main opposition party? If yes, could it be that Bawumia/Napo ticket is a threat to their party's survival?

Whatever be the case, I think the motive has fallen flat as evidenced by the aftermath reaction of the good people of Walewale, neatly done by the NPP youth leadership. Why are people trying so hard to influence the choice of the Flag Bearer?

Meanwhile, it is public knowledge that the choice of a running mate of the NPP is the prerogative of the Flag Bearer. Let's allow the Flag Bearer to come out with his choice and I believe the good people of Walewale Constituency, North East Region and the entire country will gladly accept, support and welcome any choice made by the Flag Bearer as his running mate.

In conclusion, the diabolical, unpopular and distractive comments made by this non-existent pro NPP group should not be taken seriously. The entire NPP fraternity in the Walewale Constituency and for that matter the youth wing have come out to totally disassociate themselves with that so-called group and the content of the statement released and it should be treated as such, in my candid opinion.

Thank you
Alhaji Salifu Hadara
A Patriot
North East Region
[email protected]