Mon, 15 Apr 2024 Feature Article

A quick note to Facebook - on the issue of hidden porn flooding its users pages

A quick note to Facebook - on the issue of hidden porn flooding its users pages

Dear Facebook,

My Facebook Lite page is full of hidden porn. How come that that is the case in the first place, I ask?

It should never be the case that you penalise a user for something that actually offends his or her sensibilities - that he or she hasn't actually shared in the sense in which you situated your triggered content moderation policy - which sucks, by the way.

I shall discuss this particular matter with Speaker Johnson and Elon Musk.

You must do something about the flood of unsolicited porn hidden in the pages of innocent users such as myself. It's monstrous, unspeakable and unpardonable.

Bloody nerve you people have. Penalise me, indeed. Who do you think you are?

Focus on stopping sodden hackers from invading our Facebook pages and flooding them with offensive content - an abomination that you then penalise us on top too, on.

For your information, I am actually on Facebook, only to publish my speaking-truth-to-power writing, nothing more, nothing less (and to support base-of-the-pyramid demographics worldwide, by reposting impactful stuff they tag me in). Full stop.

Sharing a tagged post of a severely burnt African woman, solely with the intention of warning the reading public worldwide, about the very real dangers of having digital devices near gas canisters, isn't porn anywhere in the world. Haaba. It is a common-good public service, in my humble view (unless one has a dirty mind, of course). Pure nonsense on bamboo stilts.

Be careful with me, oooo, Facebook. I might sue you, ooooo - being someone with a stellar global network of contacts, wai. I am not one for anyone to push around - and I will not allow even arrogant tech behemoths such as Facebook to do so. Full stop. Case closed. A word to the wise. Yoooooooo...