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Muslim Executive Foundation appeals to Akufo-Addo to sign Anti-Gay Bill into law

Muslim Executive Foundation appeals to Akufo-Addo to sign Anti-Gay Bill into law
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The executive members of the Muslim Executive Foundation (MEF), a pro-Muslim movement based in Kumasi, have joined the chorus urging President Akufo-Addo to sign the anti-gay bill into law, denouncing it as contrary to religious and cultural values.

During a press conference held at Aboabo in Kumasi on Sunday, March 30, 2024, the Executives emphasized that lesbianism is not recognized in Ghanaian society and finds no place in the teachings of the Holy Quran. Therefore, they categorically oppose its acceptance within the country.

Sheikh Abdul Razak Bawa Aransa, the spiritual leader of the Foundation, quoted various Islamic laws condemning the practice of homosexuality, affirming the Foundation's staunch rejection of any external pressure to accept such practices.

Given these religious and cultural principles, the Muslim Executive Foundation is calling on President Akufo-Addo to sign the anti-gay bill into law, thereby supporting the efforts of the Ghanaian parliament.

Read full statement below:

IN A QU’RAN SURA AL-ARAF VERSE 80 TO 84 Sura – Al’Araf 80

And (We had sent )Lot ,When he said to his people, Do you commit such immoraliy as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds(ie, people) Al’Araf 81. Indeed, you approach men with lust desire, instead of women .No, you are a people who go beyond the limits. That is transgressing people. (Also translated as you are excessive people) 84. And we rained upon them a rain (of stone). Then see how was the end of the criminals or the wrongdoers.

In a hadith of Sunan Collections narrated by Ibn Abass, which he attributed to the prophet (S.W.S), whoever you find doing the deed of luts people homosexuality, then kill the doe and the one who allows it to be done to him. (Both partners).

And the passage of the Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill

(Anti-LGBTQ+) bill by our parliament is a welcoming news. We appreciate such great move.

We equally appreciate the efforts of the national coalition for proper human sexual rights and family values and other organizations like the national house of chiefs the office of the national chief imam, the Christian council, the Catholic bishop’s conference and other individuals for their effort in achieving this great feat.

This bill can be said to have gone through one of the highest consultations before its passage in the history of law making in Ghana. This bill can equally be said to contain our aspirations as Ghanaians and hold our spirits together in rejecting the activities of gays and lesbian practices; something that is alien to our culture and threat to human existence.

We reject all pressure and attempts by some foreign elements in the country to prevent the passage of the bill and hold firm to our resolve as a country to the Ghana beyond Aid agenda; through which we can progress as a nation.

It is in the light of this resolve that we call on the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo to sign the bill into law of conclude the effort of the Parliament of Ghana. This is a great legacy that our president can leave behind for posterity.

Sign by
Sheikh Abdul Razak Bawa Aransa .
Spiritual Leader

King Amoah
King Amoah

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