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Let the resurrection power of the blood be your guide - Bishop J.Y. Adu to Ghanaians

Let the resurrection power of the blood be your guide - Bishop J.Y. Adu to Ghanaians
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Founder and leader of the New Jerusalem Chapel located at Sokoban Ampayoo in the Ashanti Region, Bishop Dr, John Yaw Adu has stressed the need for Ghanaians, especially christians to renew their faith in the Lord who shed his blood for the remission of sins.

"We should be guided by the blood of Christ since with His resurrection the old serpent known as Satan has no control over the world," Bishop Adu preached the sermon on Sunday 30th March 2024 to climax the Easter program.

The man of God said the death of Christ has set man free from the bondage of Satan and prepared a way for mankind towards everlasting life.

He said as Christ laid down His life for the world it is prudent that one should consider his or her body as the temple of God and keep it holy so that he can accomplish his desire.

To this end, the powerful and renowned Bishop reiterated that now that the blood has set the world free there is no cause for anyone to complain about panic, fear, poverty, barrenness, sickness, unemployment among all other forms of challenges that confront man in life.

"All that one needs to do is to believe, trust and rely on Christ, the Saviour of the world whose arms are full of joy, freedom and liberty," he stated.

Bishop Adu charged the congregation to be steadfast and stand firm in the Lord who possesses the key to wealth, happiness and prosperity.

"If you want to experience the power and love for the attainment of your freedom and salvation, simply believe in Christ in a positive way as told in the Scriptures," the man of God told the congregation.

He revealed that his secret of success, wealth and power was due to his total reliance and trust in the Lord.

As a special occasion, special prayers were said for President Nana Akufo-Addo, his Vice Dr Bawumia, Ministers of state, opinion leaders, chiefs and the entire country for God's protection, unity and peace as the nation prepares for elections on December 7, 2024.

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