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Overloaded transformers not cause of erratic power supply – PUWU

Overloaded transformers not cause of erratic power supply – PUWU
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The Public Utility Workers Union of TUC-Ghana has dismissed claims by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) regarding the role of some faulty distribution transformers in the power outages.

Contrary to ECG’s assertions, the union contends that the power distribution company possesses an ample supply of distribution transformers within its network.

Thus, they argue that the malfunctioning transformers cannot solely account for the intermittent power outages, commonly referred to as dumsor.

ECG recently attributed the current power supply challenges to technical issues from the power transmission company, GRIDCo.

Additionally, ECG highlighted that approximately 630 transformers are overloaded, further exacerbating the power outages.

However, the Public Utility Workers Union of TUC, through a statement, highlighted that ECG’s network encompasses 33,000 distribution transformers. Consequently, they assert that the impact of the 630 faulty transformers should be relatively insignificant in the overall context of the power distribution system.

“The replacement and upgrade of such transformers have been part and parcel of its operations since time immemorial, but it has never led to public agitation, which has turned into a national outcry with the shout of a load shedding timetable.

“Indeed, EGC has 33,000 distribution transformers within its network, thus even if the 630 transformers are overloaded, that cannot be the cause of the recent erratic power supply throughout the country” part of the statement read.

The group has thus called upon energy sector regulators, to promptly address the challenges faced by the power distribution company to prevent any potential escalation of the situation.

-Citi Newsroom