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The Managers Of Our Electricity Must Act With Extra Caution And Stop Unnecessary Power Cuts Especially In The Northern Parts Of The Country To Avoid Any Health-Related Crisis

The Managers Of Our Electricity Must Act With Extra Caution And Stop Unnecessary Power Cuts Especially In The Northern Parts Of The Country To Avoid Any Health-Related Crisis

Various mandated bodies have come out to inform the general public about the consequences of the current changing weather conditions in the country and have offered considerable pieces of advice. However, I haven't read anything about the rampant and mostly unannounced intermittent power cuts throughout the country, especially, in the northern part of the country where there is excessive heat during this period of the season.

As much as citizens are cautioned to observe certain health-related issues to stay healthy and avoid certain problems that come with the weather, I was expecting to read or hear the same caution going to those who manage our electricity in the country. We know they often operate with limited resources and logistics, but there are times when their actions become unbearable and unacceptable.

Take for instance where they just cut off power without informing us ahead. This action comes with a heavy cost to many workers and businesses who budget and plan their monthly income and stock their fridges with certain foodstuffs and other items that get spoiled by the unannounced power cuts. I think it's about time someone took legal action against these power managers in the country to stave off certain actions that are unpardonable.

This warning mustn't be taken for granted as we have all witnessed the devastating and rippling effects of the recent COVID-19 which many people and countries and recovering from. The Ghanaian usual assumption is to see the act before it's taken seriously and being not proactive has always cost us a lot.

The government should make sure all outstanding debts with ECG, GriCo, etc. are paid in full to avoid a situation where they blame their inability to fully operate on the government. The power management bodies should also embark on vigorous debt recovery schemes to have individuals and institutions, both private and government pay all their debts on time.

We have already been traumatised by COVID-19 as I indicated above. Let's not play games with this caution from our weather and health experts only to come back and regret it. Aside from the painful deaths of our families and friends in such circumstances, the drastic reduction in our population also affects our ailing economy and we can't allow it to happen before we turn to lament over it as if we never knew it would happen.

In conclusion, those in charge of our electricity must stay on top of their job and make sure everything is put in place to avoid any unforeseen circumstances resulting in power crises, deaths, loss of property, and the spoiling of foodstuffs and other items. The government should adequately resource management to carry out its mandate without any financial encumbrances. Early debt settlement will enable the management of our power supply to execute without fail, their duties. When all the above-mentioned are carried out, we will go through this season of health-related issues without any problems.

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