Let's establish global consortium of salt producers to mitigate shortages – McDan

Social News Let's establish global consortium of salt producers to mitigate shortages– McDan
FEB 25, 2024 LISTEN

Dr Daniel McKorley, Executive Chairman of McDan Group Ghana, has called for the establishment of a global consortium of salt producers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies to foster knowledge sharing, streamline supply chains, and mitigate potential shortages.

He called for investment in research to develop innovative salt harvesting techniques such as automated mining, drone technology, and advanced purification methods, ensuring efficiency, productivity, and minimising environmental impact.

This was in a statement to the Ghana News Agency made by Dr McKorley at the Global Conference on Advances in Salt and Marine Chemicals in India.

The conference brought together experts from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the salt industry. 

“Let us explore the development of sustainable transport solutions such as electrification of transportation fleets, utilisation of renewable energy for logistics, and the implementation of smart logistics systems to optimise routes and reduce carbon emissions,” he said.

He called for partnerships with brine mining companies to tap into the potential while ensuring sustainable practices in the sector.

“Additionally, let us encourage the identification of innovative applications for salt products beyond the traditional markets, such as using salt as a renewable energy storage medium or exploring its potential in the field of biotechnology,” he said.

Dr McKorley said it was imperative to harness solar salt and marine chemicals to ensure sustainable salt production and resource recovery.

That, he stressed, would foster an inclusive and comprehensive dialogue on the global salt industry.

“We need to explore the utilisation of marine chemicals for value-added products, such as algae-based biofuels or pharmaceutical-grade compounds derived from marine sources,” he added.

He said the recommendations were important because the salt industry was facing significant opportunities and challenges in the face of increasing global demand and competition.