'It's dangerous to convey patients in public transport' - Ambulance Service

Health 'It's dangerous to convey patients in public transport' - Ambulance Service
FEB 22, 2024 LISTEN

The National Ambulance Service at Keta in the Volta region has urged the public to avoid transporting sick persons in public transport.

This, according to them, would help curb the spread of any communicable diseases and avoid the reckless manner patients are handled before arriving at the hospitals.

Mr Emmanuel Korbla Tordzro, the Senior Emergency Medical Technician, at the Keta Municipal Ambulance Service, who disclosed these in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, urged the public to always rely on their services.

He stated, “We always render our services since it is our mandatory duty to provide per-hospital emergency medical care to the injured and the sick during the process of conveying them safely for further medical attention.”

He further explained that their medical vehicle contained different medical equipment to cater to patients in critical conditions.

He said the Ambulance Service aimed to provide immediate and timely health care to all injured and sick to ensure they received adequate attention.

“The public is free to call or report to us any emergency issues which include all forms of injuries, pregnant women, children, burnt, accident among others for attention.”

Mr Tordzro also said the public should not entertain any fear or panic since the ambulances do not carry dead bodies and urged the public to cooperate with the Service.

Mr Tordzro however, cautioned the public against prank calls during accidents and emergencies.

He said the act remained an offense against the rules and regulations of the country, and that culprits would be punished when apprehended.

He charged the public to rely on their services since they operate freely within 24 hours without demanding anything from the public.