PNC National Women's Organiser Hidaya Ibrahim resigns

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Hidaya S. Ibrahim
Hidaya S. Ibrahim

Hidaya S. Ibrahim has officially tendered her resignation as the National Women's Organiser of the People's National Convention (PNC) effective today, Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

She has announced her departure as a registered card-bearing member of the party.

Her decision, she stated, was reached after extensive consultations and profound personal reflection on her political journey and aspirations.

In a statement dated February 18, Hidaya, who has served the PNC in various capacities including as a parliamentary candidate and Regional Executive, expressed her belief that now is the opportune moment to explore new avenues aligned with her vision as a political and gender activist.

While acknowledging the pivotal role the PNC played in her political development, Hidaya emphasized the importance of adapting to the current socio-political landscape, asserting her desire to make a more meaningful contribution to the governance and politics of Ghana.

Looking ahead, Hidaya hinted at forthcoming announcements regarding her future political endeavors as the 2024 elections approach. In the interim, she pledged to continue her advocacy as a Youth and Gender Activist, championing the cause of the marginalized and underprivileged in society.

The resignation of Hidaya S. Ibrahim marks a notable shift within the PNC leadership and signals her intention to embark on a new chapter in her political career, characterized by a renewed commitment to effecting positive change in Ghanaian politics.

Read full statement below:
Effective today, Tuesday 20th February, 2024, I have resigned from my position as National Women’s Organiser of the PNC and further cease to be a registered card-bearing member of the party.

I have come to this decision upon wide-ranging consultation and deep personal introspection as far as my personal political growth and development is concerned.

Having joined and served the PNC in several capacities as a parliamentary candidate, Regional Executive and most recently National Women’s Organiser, I believe very strongly that this is the perfect time for me to pursue other interests in tandem with my vision as a political and gender activist.

It is never in doubt that the PNC offered me an opportunity to cut my political teeth as well as find a solid grounding in the national politics of our country and I would forever be indebted.

However, considering the exigencies of our time, it is important for me to quit the PNC now in pursuit of my ambition to contribute much more meaningfully to the politics and governance of Mother Ghana.

In due course, I shall communicate to the public my next step in politics as the 2024 elections draw closer. In the meantime, I shall continue to be the Youth and Gender Activist that I have been in service to the marginalized and underprivileged in society. Thank you

Hidaya S. Ibrahim
National Women’s Organiser, PNC

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