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The Red Apples (part 118)

The Red Apples part 118
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„Yes, it is true. Modern technology can make life easier as much as more complicated,“ argued King Salmen of Mali.

The group of Central African countries had gathered in one of the many private conference rooms in the New African Union headquarters. The facility was designed by the same group of companies that run the Business Club Nigerian-based franchise. The building was entirely commissioned and paid for by all New African Union member states. No country was left out. Like the old European Union, this African Union was based on the foundation of cooperation. It also included some elements that less fortunate nations relied on the common spirit of unity and were helped financially and technically.

Unlike the old European Union having seen the spirit and trend to level out their differences, the New African Union saw such cultural, social, and political as well as economic differences a chance to avoid unwanted mistakes and use the differences to boost Africa from strength to strength. The African countries took great pride in the fact after generations of egoistic nations with no trust in each other they had accomplished the impossible. The mistakes made in ancient times just before the white man laid his greedy hands on the African continent and African leaders unable and unwilling to set themselves in motion against the early stages of colonialism the new phase of African glory was a glory of wisdom and unity among the African people.

„What we should never forget…and that so divides us significantly from the white people…that in our traditions man is the center of it all. The human aspect in everything we do is paramount,“ insisted King Abraham of Burundi.

„What do mean exactly by that?“ asked King Lois de Aragon the first King of the new Senegal. At first, the country Senegal tried to solve their national challenges with the form of a presidency like Kenya still had it but witnessed through the transformation of other African countries into kingdoms. Two presidents later the people of Senegal voted in a referendum in a free and fair election process to transfer the nation's power into the hands of a king. He was mandated to dominate the affairs of the nation as the name implied.

„Modern technology must be a tool that can help a nation but must never be forced into people's lives. When someone wants to see a public officer he must not be forced to use modern technology and book an appointment. He can enter the administration building and ask at the reception for an appointment. Or pay slips can be accessed online or sent home as a paper printout. In our country of Congo,“ said King Jean I and looked at his phone which was vibrating, “unlike in the DRC Congo our citizens can book all government services online and offline. Not only for the elderly or handicapped people this service is open but open for all. Yes, we must have the cost of governance in mind but yes we must have our people in mind first and foremost.“

King Salem took to his new cup of coffee and hold a biscuit in his left hand saying: „The cost of face-to-face administration is these days enormous. Yes, I agree we must at all times have the human in mind and not our finances when it comes to making it pleasing to all and for all citizens a great positive process of interacting with our civil service. But I,“ he paused for a moment as the coffee was still too hot before he continued and said, „To me, it all seems to be an issue of education. Over time people will no longer realize the difference between being served by a human or by a machine. Humans during the history of mankind have always been able to adapt to new technology. Surely it is a generation problem. The youth moves ahead of the older adults. We should not worry too much. After all the scenarios that some critics had painted that we turn ourselves into a kind of zombie society never happened.“

King Abraham stepped in and said with seriousness on his face:“ We lost many jobs in various industries and it was feared that alternative job offers like in the service industry and social care would not be enough to absorb all workers laid off by modern technology. As we can see after years of turmoil and change the increased productivity and our education system on how best to plan personal finances and professional decisions led to stability in the number of employed employees. Don’t forget the initiative we undertook to create more small businesses and self-employment.

This was a great initiative by King David and his successor. It helped not only to bring people who lost their jobs in the larger industries back into income of their own but also stimulated happiness among our citizens.

The various aspects of our strategy outsmart the kingdom of Bhutan traditionally the nation of the happiest people in the world. And so you can see this does not only apply to a limited and isolated country like Bhutan but to a whole continent like Africa.“

„What makes us different from the white man and the old politicians of our dark days here in Africa is,“ stepped King Yogu of Somaliland in,“ that we have set clear rules and agreements for political and state-sponsored assassination and interferences in foreign countries is an absolute no-go. Let us all be reminded when in Russia for political gains Alexander Navalny and others were assassinated by the former President not to forget the many other lives lost so one man and one elite could stay in power.

Or when the CIA was ordered by the former presidents of the USA to undertake political assassinations. The Mossad of Isreal did the same thing. There are lists of endless political killings to keep the status quo on the throne of power. In Africa, we saw political killings under democratically elected leaders or through the means of coups as well. History is not stupid and finds a way to hold such perpetrators to account even in their graves. The truth about politics one blessed day always comes to light. The people responsible will most likely never sit behind bars but their legacy so carefully drafted and preserved will get damaged through the gravestone eventually and see their empty coffin. History is never a liar but humans are.

The new higher level of humanity we here in Africa stand on never has the spirit of such atrocities in its heart only love and compassion. We know our critics to silence by death is never effective but gathering the majority of our people behind us with good work and deeds is. In that respect let me say it loud and clear are we more civilized than the old developed world. Yes, we have our fair share of mistakes made and we should not distance ourselves from them even committed by democratic leaders but under the rulership of us modern-day kings it never happened and it never will.

After all…we are kings. When an aunt disturbs an elephant and he sees it under his feet why should he step on it? What would he gain? But when an aunt matures and grows to the size of an elephant is it an elephant or an aunt? So, we kings are not bothered about it at all. When one day our time will come again to vacate our thrones and let another form of governance take control we will do this gracefully as a king does. We are never fake aunts.“

King Carl I, entered the room and sat down. All eyes were on him. He said: „Maybe we should have a break for now.“ The others agreed and started conversations in smaller groups with cups of coffee and biscuits.